Thursday, June 8, 2017

The Sweet Spot

Time to go back and visit with DD#1.  I have eaten all my candied ginger!

But other sweet things are happening!

Hi, Ellen Pukalo!
Here are your stats for May.​ 29 - Jun.​ 4
Best Day! 10,188 Tue. Wed. Thurs. Fri. Sat. Sun.

61,993 total steps
22,631 more than last week

I did gain 2 pounds last month.  Might have been all the sweet things that I did/ate while away.  I have been using my Fitbit and one kind lady says muscle weighs more than fat but unfortunately I didn't walk that much.  But I have discovered that I can rotate around the dining room table as I think.  Way better than sitting in my comfy chair with a cup of coffee!
With the Rooster's retirement looming on the calendar, I have been trying to up my at home/chore/casual look.   The 40+ gals are wonderfully helpful but I don't see make up, hair up-do's, and accessorizing as part of my shuffle, yawn, and sip coffee morning routine even if there are classier chicks out there.  Ha!  I will perhaps give it some thought as I rotate around the table while my dearie enumerates the day's projects.

 But the club did have an eye opening video on using scarves.  Did you know that wetting a scarf and putting it around your neck instantly lowers your core temperature.  !!!

But it would be good to perk myself up with some colour at my face.  The small square silky scarf!  Easy Peasy!  Next will be to see if I actually dare to whip out for the mail dressed like this!  When is one the right age to not care what the neighbours think!  sheesh!   Well, no sooner said typed than one came knocking and apparently my new look made little impression on him.  He only had eyes for the Rooster's old tractor!  lol

But just think what the effect would be on my art!
uh. oh!  Now I have to find a beret for messy hair days!  lol

I'm still trying to find good cheap paper for the grandkiddies nature journals.  I did find finger painting paper at the dollar store but it is pretty shiney!  My grand students arrive tomorrow to spend  the weekend.  We'll have lots to study as they are available for hire on the yard!  They have a long Lego wish list!  lol 

We are going back to recheck the property we liked to see if it still has a sweet savour.  It will also be to count stones.  The yard area seemed to have a number of significant number of challenges for a lawnmower!

Looking forward to a sweet weekend!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Finding Gold

The summer challenge is up for the 40+ style club and I'm hoping to incorporate some gold but I really need to focus on my casual wardrobe.  I learnt lots about accessories last month so I can definitely bump up my casual look with them.  Now I need my Eliana to help me find some gold sneakers!

The new owners of the farm have put it back to its black state but I expect it to be a canola golden yellow colour this summer.

I believe we've managed to mow down all the yellow dandelions.  Gee, I do not like those long stalks with the seed heads but the flocks of gold finches seem to enjoy them.

The grand kiddies need to include a nature journal in their school curriculum so their mum (DD#2) and I are trying to find the right format so that in their golden years they can relive some memories..  We are leaning to a clip board for the studies and store them in binders.  Now to find a good paper. 

We had hoped to get a small acreage in Tolstoi, Manitoba.  Wouldn't  living in a town named after a famous author be so cool for a blog called To Tell a Story!  pure gold!!!  Tolstoi used a lot of the proceeds from his books to help with emigration.  We haven't given up hope of finding something in this area.  The Rooster would like to be more involved with his Ukrainian roots and this is the area they first settled in.  There are heritage sites and an Ukrainian Festival nearby.  Hope the map manages to stay together until we strike the mother lode!

And we did find a nugget while traipsing all over one property.   Deer are a mixed blessing especially in a garden but perhaps this wee fella could be persuaded to move to the corners and  leave the homestead to the new settlers!  Here is hoping!!!

I also hope we are all looking forward to a golden summer!  :)

Friday, June 2, 2017

Looking for...

It really does feel like I've been dragging stuff around in my prospecting quest.

DD#1 and I had a marvelous time hunting up the things she had listed on her to-do list!  It took a bit to get her to take her clothes off, ahem; but once we got her into that change room the sales gal and I undated her with all kinds of options and now she has a pretty exciting wardrobe!

I suspect her favourite outfit was the Canada sweat shirt.  She is dressed for Canada Day and all our birthday celebrations!

We got all that done the morning/day I flew in.  My fitbit clocked 8 miles!  I was wonked but pleased.

Early next morning we checked her in for day surgery on her sinuses.  Among other things, she cannot breath through her nose nor taste nor smell.    When they wheeled her back I was sure we needed some kind of red alert but she is a trooper and 2 hours later I got her back to the hotel and we both collapsed!

We spent a quiet day in the room, me running room service (Yay for Timmies!)  and Laura trying to get comfortable.

Next morning we headed off to her home for the next week.  She shouldn't lift so I'm the packie! Maybe we shouldn't have shopped so much!!!   Only problem was I slipped on some water in the grocery store aisle getting groceries for the week and my ankle knew it!   So we both shared the couch and watched old movies!

Back to Edmonton for her follow up and it was a very rainy, miserable trip.  My brother and sister in law greeted us with candles as trees were down and power was out!

My plane flew out the next evening so we thought to kill some time with a few odds and ends at the BIG mall.   I didn't know I needed Royal Dalton dishes.  I thought I was safe in there while she added to her tea cup collection.  LUV!!!

Speaking of tea...

Expensive chocolate is wasted on the grand kiddies.  So I got expensive cookies.  lol

I did strike some gold in my shopping.  I was looking for purses and not shown is my lovely neutral backpack purse.  My dishes are awaiting a new kitchen which hasn't quite arrived yet as the Rooster didn't get the place we were hoping for so we are still prospecting.  Hopefully there is more gold ' in them thar hills!'.

In the mean time we'll keep looking!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Travelling Faster!

Well, I was flying so fast I was gonna beat my DD#1 to the airport.  She was arriving on Wednesday and I was headed to the airport for Tuesday 7:00 am flight!   That means getting up WAY too early!

 oh well, how wrinkled can things get???  lol

Now I have a time for a better blog post.

I didn't actually wear the hat on mother's day but the challenge on 40+ style was hats!  I'm not sure it actually fits.  Now I see it, I think I'll pass it to Eliana or Jolina! 

DD and I are going shopping right after my plane lands.  We have been texting back and forth as to basic wardrobe choices.  We have a plan and a very BIG mall to cruise!

On the house hunting front...
I have hopes that the Rooster will have reached the end of the trail before I return!

In the meantime,  I am dreaming up a hobby room!   The blank squares are areas that don't really interest me like the kitchen!  lol

I had thought to get Nina dusted off and make a tote for the trip but she isn't happy I have been neglecting her.  It has been too long and I couldn't locate my manual to understand exactly what she wanted tweaked!   sew...   no tote!  Besides I am showing Nina the new playroom plans.  Maybe I can mollify her with packing up, reorganizing, and promises!  Here's hoping that I'm no longer flying ahead of the reality checks!!!