Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Definitely a snow day

This could be a two day blow.  Not terrible just a LOT of heavy white stuff.  The Rooster is catching up and some of my long standing to-do list.  :)

                           Last week's pages.  I do like the simpler look.

Art 101 had the grand kiddies working on their own planners but we gave a nod to the season and did a fun craft.  I'd gotten large wooden letters some time ago and we 'had at 'em' !

Josh's J has modge podged map pieces.

The girls prefer jewels.

I hurried home as the weather was developing and it is looking like a slow week with weather restrictions.  whoo hoo!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Afraid of the white stuff???

I don't suppose I can admit to really liking the cold but I do like winter.  So crisp,  clear, bright and white.

I can't say that I am often at a loss for words so jotting anything down on a new page isn't very daunting.  In fact, sometimes it is hard to find a blank sheet of paper!  lol

Even the lovely white texture of art pads is kinda exciting. 

But launching into a 'whisper' fabric with no ruler and no plan for improvisational quilting just may raise the fear factor!  eek!

And embracing garment sewing as a way to cover this lily white body.  Well, I guess it does have a flower shape.  Just not saying which flower!  snort!!!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Around Town

Of course, I have to be able to get to town.  They had really hoped for frozen ground/grass but that is not happening.  They are even pumping water from one dammed spot to the other.  And ha! you can take that any way you want!  lol

But I did get to town.

My friend feeds me a lovely breakfast and then we work on our project.  I had found a great tutorial for an easy journal.

 I really liked how tidy it was and learned a few things that were new to me.

 I'm not sure about the embroidery floss that holds the signatures.  I maybe have it too loose.  But all in all, my journals are looking better and that is a good thing!

This next stop could end up being too much of a good thing but...

There is a new store in town-  Needle Crafts and Studio!   She is a modern gal and I like that.  She also is carrying LOVELY wool!  I have picked up my crochet hook this last month so this is great.  I am self taught and my beginnings are not so good.  She  offers classes for knitting but maybe she could add a beginners class for crochet.  That would cause me to hit the road for sure!

  And of course a little fabric inspiration could have me heading off to town as well!   ;^)

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Showers of...

We are finishing up November with showers.  Showers of rain and showers of snow.  Kinda makes for messes and messier driving!

Work is progressing on our new approach.  They are working in all kinds of showers!  THE 'man' assures me they will 'fix' up the yard.

The weekly memories have been recorded.  This will be a great blessing when I flip through the pages in the future.

I added two more signatures to a journal I had made at the beginning of the year.

I stiffened up the spine with a piece of book board after I added the extras.  It fills the spine better.  I also gessoed everything. 

This journal will reveal my archetypes.  There are seven main traits and 3 secondary.  So my seven signatures, totaling 60 pages should do it.   I will have lots of room to explore all my possibilities.

The pages are an assortment of papers but they are all neutral, ranging from white to black and include textured papers.  The inside covers have a feather motif which works well for me as a mystic and a story teller.

I watched one of the last videos on the Wunderlust website,  Funky Journaling and was very inspired by Joanna Grant.   Lots of ideas for Art 101 as well!

 Then this morning I got positively pumped by watching Cheryl Arkison on The Quilt Show talk about Improvisational Quilting.  I met Cheryl through a virtual red hat blog, mind you she had pink status so she was a princess.  I stayed in her home during a retreat she and Meredith co-hosted for some of us.  And she lead me down the blogging path.  This link is good for one week!  HIGHLY recommend it!  Thanks, Cheryl! 

Showers of blessings is how I interpret this weather!  :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The flakes are flying!

It doesn't even look like a tease but the real deal.  Winter is beginning!

I have last week's memories recorded.  The grand kiddies spent a couple of nights to check out our new kitties and the roadway project.

So their journal page included heavy equipment. No surprises!  Josh's is loaded with detail.  Eliana's is sporting a colourful paint job.  And Jolina is working on a driver who surely resembles the new kitty!  lol

The art lesson showcased three ways to portray horses. Paintings which use various lines, colours and have backgrounds.  Line drawings are flat with straight and curving lines but no background.  Finally sculptures (or statues) which have dimension, curvy and straight lines but no background.  This seemed a good time to play with polymer clay and make some charms.  We didn't try to make horses though.  ;^)  I expect next week we will be bending end pins and stringing cord for fun accessories!

Papers were also flying as I sorted through my neutral papers to add a few more signatures for a journal I'd made but not really used. It has mostly neutral pages with texture and some have text.   It seemed skimpy and the spine needed more to fill it out.  I needed two more signatures to make up a journal to explore my 7 main archetypes.  I am kinda excited about that.  :)

I can't wait to fling a new way to make a journal to hold the papers my friend  and I made mono printing last week.

I'll hope for less flakes tomorrow but more fun flinging creativity around.  :)

Friday, November 18, 2016

A momentous day!

I have been having a great week!  Playing and working and crossing things off the list!

Wednesday's I join my friend Irmgard for some Fun, Food, and Fellowship.  We arrive early before she has to open her shop and shh, we hope for not too many customers when she does open.  ;^)

This week I introduced her to mono printing with the gelli plate.  Gosh, we had fun!  She is a believer!  lol 

My Memory Keeper is up to date!  I added bigger rings as it is an 18 month planner and my intention is to document our transition from the farm to where ever life takes us next year! 

 September was a busy month with lots of company and most of our kids came home for a visit.

So I started off running like crazy to get all my decorating projects finished.

Then there were photo opportunities galore so white space was sacrificed on the layouts.

 I did remember my photo sleeves so that helped somewhat.

 The third week was a road trip to see my sister and get her colouring!

 Then I managed to rest and regroup for the rest of the month because...

I was back on schedule for working/playing with my grand kiddies! Now I am totally up to date on everything in the planner and I am excited to continue documenting my memories.  Because...

The new book on Archetypes has totally set my creative spirit free!  Really. Among the foremost and primary traits; I am a storyteller.  Secondarily I am a creative which is a less stressful word for artist.  So I am a small 'a' artist but a capital 'S' storyteller.  Now instead of feeling guilty that I may be procrastinating instead of making ART when I work on the grand kiddies or my own planners,  I am liberated to embrace my storytelling muse and let her 'have at it'!!!   I'm kind of a narrative artist.   I cannot even find the words to express how very happy this makes me.  Momentous!!!

Next my basement is finally, completely, decluttered.  It is an old unfinished basement and flinging at least half the stuff from 40 years of living is indeed liberating!  whoo hoo!

Last but not least, readers will perhaps remember that one fine day the gov't came and condemned and took out our bridge access.  They gave us a quarter mile long drive way between field and ditch.  Not ideal.  Many promises and it has been a few years but today...  the promise to give us back a better access is happening!

The second culvert didn't behave as nicely as the first one and had to be hand guided.  Ah, Manitoba winds!  Oye, a third one and some dosey doeing in the parking lot!  Would you believe four?  This is happening as I am trying to wind up my post.  lol

Apparently there is still more 'daylight' to burn so if they can work, I guess I better get back at it myself.  I must go down to the fridge, open it and see if anything leaps out!   ha!
It has been a momentous day.  I wonder what next week will have in store because I will have to decide The Next Thing First! ;^)  I doubt that it will be watching men work!  ha!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


My Memory Keeper, November week two.  I do believe I'm believing that less will be more!

September pages are well underway.  gee, a lot happened that month !  Not the time to practice less is more!  ;^)

Art 101 with the grand kiddies is surprising them and me!   We are practicing our sketching.

I got two new books in the mail.  Both confirm I am on the right track as I tweak my blog for the coming year.  The archetypes revealed one surprise but the rest confirm my luv for storytelling, scribing, writing, playing and learning.  I am not a passionate person but collage definitely turns my crank!

I'm off for a play date and hope to post some fun stuff later in the week.  Turns out that among other types, I am an Eternal Child.  Whoo Hoo!  Validation that all work and no play makes elle grumpy! lol

Friday, November 11, 2016

Leaves are still turning!

We are breaking weather records with this very warm November.  True,  many leaves have fallen.

 But my Canadian Explorer rose has just unfurled four very red buds!!!  Nice for Remembrance Day!

The calendar flipped over amazingly quickly.  The new year will be upon us in no time and the pages of my story will continue to unfold. 

october's last week.
november's first week

 I lost a bit of ground with an early cold but I am back to flipping the leaves in both planner books.

I did manage to edit the last of my piles of mixed media papers and stickers.  Huge relief to have that ALL done!  I have finally embraced function as more at least as important as form so it isn't exactly pretty but it is user friendly but not too ugly.  ;^)

 The Rooster is happily stirring pots in the kitchen on his day off so I made some progress on getting August finished.  I am starting to get the hang of this.  Plastic photo sleeve for each month.  A coordinated bunch of papers or stickers.  And a plan that involves KIS!
Since these aren't exactly planners I should turn over a few ideas of what exactly to call my stack of memories.  hmm, The Memory Keeper!