Monday, April 10, 2017

A lab experiment!

Scored a lab coat at the thrift shop.  Hopefully it gets lots of colourful slops on it because I just sent 26 garments to the varage site. Downsizing! They were either black, no longer useful or just not flattering.  I am experimenting with lighter colours and flattering fit! 

It was a bad idea when I downsized my sewing patterns.  Studying my flattering fit suggestions,  I can think of 3 patterns right off the top of my wooden head that I should have kept.  The fabric store I visited in the city was  not friendly/helpful last time so after last week's excursion I am thinking was my final visit.  They turned the pattern cabinets to face the sales counter and they find the patterns for you when they aren't busy!  :/  Anyway, I have been calling around and the patterns I want are gonna be easiest to get online.  No wonder brick and mortar stores go out of business.  One fabric store didn't even carry patterns!  ??? 

To console myself I stopped at a brick and mortar quilt shop who encouraged and supported my rant.  Therefore...

My excuse was I need a new purse (red) so this would be easier than explaining the leather purchase!  Some story, huh?  They also had a vest pattern but it was similar to the one I actually kept.   I am so frugal.  snort!  The Sari yarn will be for bracelets which I really want to be part of my personal style.

I did also get a fit bit!   The Rooster is checking it at the end of my day and I have joined,  after some excruciating back and forth messaging, a group from my style club who are dressing for style while they literally downsize!

I have 3 months worth of super vitamins to get me perky and I shall alternate healthy citrus/vegetable juice/smoothies and glasses of water for this experimental marathon. 

We'll see how this experiment works out!  But I can't just stand around sipping water.  It is STEPS that count!  The race is ON!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Spring Song

About two days ago it started getting noisy around here.  I don't need another hobby so I was resisting looking.  But last night I knew the little guy was in the tree behind my bedroom window!  Big puffy chest.  ???

This morning I went out to hang up the bedding on the line.  Ah, a robin!  Of course, they like to nest in that old potting shed and sit in the trees!  I can put away the bird book. phew!

And whereas I need rubber boots to stand at the clothes line, (lowest place on the yard, I think);  it is probably time to start thinking about spring chores

But I have been on a bit of a tangent.  AGAIN!   I have been 'analyzing' my clothes.  TOO much information!  I thought I had it just about licked when it was dropped into my screen that the colour of our hair, eyes and skin 'greatly' influences our clothing choices.  I knew through colour season analysis that I was a winter (circa 1975)  and I knew aging dulls things a bit.  But I was kinda thrown of my main tangent trail into a side eddy when I realized just how much my colouring has changed (2017).  I am mostly neutral- dark brown hair is totally silver now, brown eyes are a dull hazel and my skin has never been shiny and colourful.  So I am neutral dominant and light valued.  I do best in a monochromatic colour scheme in a mid range and with a light bright thrown in or perhaps an analogous palette which I really do luv!  Can you here me yip yipping?  I SEE says the blind man. Makes sense to me!   And if you think monochromatic is boring-  check out the vivienne files

My styling for our house sale has gone to a neutral background with a monochromatic colour for major pieces and pops of soft accent colours!  I luv it! I feel validated!
 It also explains my monochromatic flower beds!

This should directly impact my creative art journey.  Knowing what I know I'll be able to eliminate a lot of impulse spending and add some great art!
Whoo hoo!   I'll be springing into action and singing a new song!