Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Lists and piles

The spring weather turned cold and rainy and then we had snow warnings.  Now we are waiting for sun and warm temperatures. 

In the midst of gosh awful weather we have been keeping real estate appointments and exploring back roads looking for property.   We can certainly identify the low spots in the country!

Rubber boots and something stylish under the parka are working but when the sun comes out I am hoping to have upped the fashion statement!

I am trying to not let DD#2's book piles get too far ahead of me.  Just when I think I'm wasting time I come across one that needs to go in the discard pile or maybe the wait until ...  pile.

Today was Art 101 in my kitchen as their parents had an appointment.  I really do need a better wet room space as we made such a mess!

Turns out the appointment is for tomorrow so guess who are spending the night!!!

Now I do have a few deadlines on my list.  A travel journal for a young fellow who graduates next month.  I need to have it finished as we will take it when we head off on our annual DL retreat which is pending, weather permitting!  Oye, I need a list of what to take.

As anyone can see,  the list keeps piling up!


Createology said...

Winter is always such a slow time with less to do...and then Spring comes and the calendar blooms with too much to do. Yes, then again we have Winter this year with lots more rain last night and today. Hope you find your perfect property soon. Wearing my plaid boots is kind of fun...but they will also be happy to be put away for another year. Fun art with your Grands! Sunshine is on the way...

Beth said...

Looks like you have your hands full. Your house is already sold, correct? Now you are hunting for a new location?

Frances Arnold said...

The weather has been crazy. I was in Texas last week and it was 91 on Friday and 68 on Saturday!!! Hope your list making helps you to relax and enjoy!!

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