To Dye For

In my quest to make quilts and fibre art, my own, I have embraced fabric dyeing.  During a fun retreat with some quilt friends I learned about low immersion dyeing with baggies.  Then in 2006 I took two classes.  One was with dyes and included techniques to manipulate the fabric.  It was kinda intense and overwhelming.
Then a few weeks later I took a class on surface design that focused on fabric paints, discharging, stamps, stencils, and  thermofax screen printing.  That one was enlightening and inspiring.

I laid in supplies of books, dyes, paints, soda ash, synthrapol, and a whole lot of other stuff that I forget what its purpose is.  ;^)

I am wanting to do this.  I am waiting to do this.  I will do this. 

Dyeing cotton velvet
TOM layers