Wednesday, October 28, 2009

B is for ...

bath robe blogger. I do tend to do some blogging before I change and start the physical aspect of my day.
But I have mostly been on a binge! I luv books. I rarely have time for fiction anymore but I discovered the Sword of Truth series and my eyes are now slightly crossed. I also like good substantial books and these are all quite lengthy. I'm waiting for the library to bring in the concluding book and then I'll be trying to stay on my diet of non fiction. A most interesting concept was introduced into this fantasy world of wizards and magic, good and evil. Rather than stay with the traditions and formulas of "it has always been this way", there was a move toward 'creative magic'. It was more like taking what is; adding, subtracting, combining, rearranging, and re purposing the old tried and true. It has actually been quite boggling to my old brain. I keep being drawn back to the phrase, especially in conjunction with 'What if...' and it is kinda neat!
I am seeing very bald trees. Leaves dropped quite quickly and things are kinda bleary. We even had a good dump of snow that actually formed some snow banks before Thanksgiving. The snow has since dispersed which is good as there are always a few more things that need doing before winter really sets in.
Bad girl! I am always stalling. (procrastinating) But I really am trying to get the playroom somewhat organized for the doing. So I am attempting to get my mixed media supplies handy. The budget took a hit from the 'puter but I have also been getting some good coupons for Michaels that I think actually justify the drives to the city. I've laid in some major kits and I also left The Artist's Emporium with a very hot, limp piece of plastic. So I've been sorting bottles, brushes, beads, baubles, and other beauties into bins and boxes. Some of what I have envisioned will be too wet for the sewing room so I spent another day in the basement reorganizing and banishing non essentials. Then when the 3 day blizzard hits I, myself, will be swirling around making mini blizzards in my bedroom slippers and jammies 'cause nobody comes calling when the roads are blown in! 8^)
So I'm beginning once again and by golly, with a bigger understanding that I need to be Doing. That means keeping the clutter at bay and leaving things set up for a good beginning each day.
Bye for now and I anticipate being back on a daily basis once again. Blessings from Elle

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Anonymous said...

LOL! I love the pic. It's very accurate for my house too!