Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's a good day here at the coop.

Heck, I'm having a good week!

Feels good to be back in the happy groove. Nothing major to report but I'm happily moving along through all the little stuff and the bigger fun stuff is saying "c'mon"! And I'm anticipating more happiness in the doing of the big stuff.

My rooster and I cleared and prepared a spray/paint place in the barn. "Ye have not because you ask not!" I shoulda asked sooner. oops! I can use his 2 wheeled cart to get stuff to the barn and I got good lighting and power and water and no distractions! YES! Then he can help me carefully carry it back.

Another biggie has been the DIY bloggers. They have opened up an whole new world for me with their tutorials and various styles. I thought I was weird always wanting to change things. NOT! There are lots of us. Now I don't want to pick up power tools but I do know who I can ask to do that. He is no skilled carpenter, more the jack of all trades, master of none kind of guy. But he is pickier than I am and is super good at figuring out the best way to do things with our abilities, and resources. My rooster is not exactly crowing, more like squawking, but he is a good guy and doesn't 'really' mean I need to quit looking at all those projects. Heck, think of all the money he'll save DIYing!

Best of all, the variety has caused me to fine tune my style. It is definitely more focused and I am feeling confident as I move forward. Everything I do needs to reflect the happiness I have here at home, me and my dearie, surrounded by the things that make us smile! < VBIGS>


True Blue Nana said...

I am not a DIY but I was getting my hair cut one time and met this lady that was queen of DIY. She was in her laundry room one day and decided she didn't like the wall, got a sledge hammer and knocked it down!! This woman was amazing. There was nothing she would not tackle. Not me, I support my local handy man.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Gotta admit I'm a DIYer, partly out of necessity. No one to do it for me, so I am more than willing to do it myself. But lately, I like YOUR life better than mine (grin)!