Friday, June 13, 2014

HSTerical- What was I thinking???

As I  began to throw up HST's on my design wall I realized that these HST's are NOT all cut with the diagonal running corner to corner!  :(  The blocks I have in the pattern above are not trimmed.  The trimmed blocks are down on the left corner and for some reason that I can no longer remember, they were cut wonky!  :O  Problem?   But then I got to thinking about Vicki's Fractured Spiral.  It is kinda wonky!

I have decided to embrace wonky but I am not liking the layout of this one because of the chopped off points.  I am thinking motion sickness!  sew...

This doesn't bother my sensibilities as much!  ;~)

And now I am being careful to make sure there are no matching points.  vbsigh

It looks like I may have a plan.  I think I will sew it in rows so I can press seams all one way and then the next row I'll reverse and press all the other way.

It should work out to about 40" x 50" and can go into the 'gift' cupboard.  :)  Then I can start on the 'normal' HST's.  Now if I can just stop worrying about holes in the boat!  LOL

I am linking to The HSTeria Quilt Along so if you want to see matching points, click over here!


Vicki W said...

Oh yes! I love it!

sophie said...

It may not be what you initially intended, but I'm glad you decided to embrace wonky because it's turning out great.

Jo Ferguson said...

You embraced wonky, and it embraced you back. The quilt looks lovely.