Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

I don't think I can ignore my mixed media mania much longer.  mmmm  But I haven't the time to devote to giving it much time on the blog.  I have heard of Wordless Wednesdays and Silent Sundays so I am considering Thursday Thoughts.  I dug out my old journal which has various and sundry pages with mixed results but is basically pretty empty.  The first page didn't seem finished to me so I thought I'd redo it. And that led to all kinds of re's!  I never took a  photo before I began but it will convey my thoughts and I've decided to work on a spread each week and post the conclusions on Thursdays.

 Ha!  I see in the old labels I have 2 Try Thursday.  They kinda go together, don't they?  Any thoughts?


Threadpainter said...

Dear Elle ... whatever rocks your boat ... you are well organized to get lots done ... but I'm dieng to see you sewing in that new space of yours ;)

Seth said...

Mixed Media Mania?!?!? I have that too :-)