Thursday, June 16, 2016

Faerie Nice Summer

The blossoms on the trees and shrubs in the bush, along the ditches, and in the flowerbeds has been amazing this year.  My containers are a bit disappointing but summer has a only just begun.

Then I invited the faeries to come play

The bed along the house wall is a magnet for the dogs.  :(  I asked the faeries to get creative.  (I wish they knew hoe to work the phone so. i could use their talents to improve my cell phone post!

 I used landscape pavers and some old lab sinks to cover up as much of the dirt as I could to deter the dogs.  I have learned to keep an eye out for deals on large pots.  The sinks will work till I upscale.

 Then I invited the grand kiddies to come and help the faeries.

Josh did an aquatic theme and even went to the ditch for a snail.

Eliana has quite a fancy collection but insisted that hers include a clothes line.  She always manges to surprise me.

 Jolina is no surprise.  She wants wee animals included in her vignette.

 I have one smaller sink to place and some boulders to remove from the front corner.  The large rocks were my first attempt to thwart the dogs.   :/

Hopefully I can showcase the finished result with a larger keyboard, successful landscape plan and no paw prints!!


Createology said...

How Faerie Nice! I love how your Grands have such diverse ideas and their creations are magical. Eliana needed a clothesline for her Faeries is just precious. Embracing Faerie Bliss...

Beth said...

Love the Faerie plots!!