Friday, November 6, 2009

Whipping Along

This is my 2nd try at posting a better photo for the Workshop in Progress group. Please click on the button on the side for more info on the group and the participants. This is my first try at an 'art' wall hanging. I have these little quilted sandwiches to join together and I'll add some some more detail with thread. I made 3 fabric leaves in a complimentary colour. I want to do some embellishing with beads. I have no more of the black bali, nor of the fabric leaves. I doubt that my feelings are easily hurt so critique away. I do want to grow up to be a fibre artist! 8)


Cheryl Arkison said...

Elle, this picture does help us see the colours better. Now I find there to be too much dark farbic in that strip at the top. The balance seems off.

elle said...

Thanks, Cheryl. I'll spend some more time studying this one.