Monday, January 30, 2012


I think today is a good day to reclaim my life and my daily routine.  The events that happen are not always something that can be predicted nor pigeonholed but I'm hitting the refresh button to remind myself of my Triple F goal for the year.

FOCUS:  The ideal is not going to happen.  While I rebel at same old/same old, I do recognize that I do my best with some sort of a routine. A rigid schedule seems to be too constricting and worse I lose abilities and momentum when I lay things aside.  I can't do it all so I've chosen some. But the few I've kept need to be done more regularly rather than my usual sporadic bursts.  So my question is how can I keep all my balls in the air and not let any roll off into a corner.  I've defined the main players at least.

FIND?FIDDLE:  Driving hither and yon these last few weeks I have tried to figure out how to be more  creative in better ways.  If I identified my style and could incorporate it into all aspects of my various interests I could stay current in most things.

I was reminded of a small book I had bought a couple of decades ago.  It is a little Anchor book on Crewel Stitches and Patterns. I luv the asymmetrical positioning, the quirky motifs, the curves and swirls.   I had thought I could turn the little diagrams into applique projects.

Sewing and fabric is a MAIN thrust.  I need to get Nina to the spa for her tune up and continue my thread experiments.

But what if I used the patterns for free motion machine stitching?

I also like the Jacobean style of applique. What if I took the individual motifs as jumping off places for my own designs and incorporated them into some mixed media art with hand dyes, stencils, beads, etc.

What if my luv for words and letters could escape the blog posts and altered books and flow unto my fabrics?

FINISH:  A great deterrent is my work space.  I try to do the somewhat organized and dry stuff here in the Coop and Saucer Playroom. It isn't a large room, only 11 x 12 feet.  It is the original master bedroom so this is as big as it is gonna get.  I don't think there are any 'what if's...' left as I've organized and reorganized it for optimum use many times. My basement laundry area is cramped, cold and cluttered as well as being 2 flights of stairs down.  I am just going to have to try to keep the wet mess to one side and the dry piles to the other.      If the two meet well then, more creativity will have to happen!  lol

I use creativity everyday to problem solve and now I'd just like to have some creative art projects to show for all my problems!


Judy said...

Great post on the challenges of being creative! It is hard to focus, especially when there are a lot of daily chores to get done. I've been challenging myself to do just that. We'll see how successful I am ;-) I like your work area, especially with how organized you are. Nice space!

True Blue Nana said...

Focus is also my problem with all the other things going on. As John Lennon said "Life is what happens when you are making other plans." I like your sewing area. I can see that space could be a challenge but you have lots of great storage. I am fairly new to creativity or at least to the time to develop my creativity.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I can't imagine how much time you have put into organizing and reorganizing that small room. But I admire what you have done and it all looks so wonderful and homey. I believe the projects will come as you continue to pursue your fabric and paper obsessions. It's too bad your internet is SO slow. I understand there are many, many great ideas on YouTube, although I have yet to check them out.

HollyM said...

My sewing room is about the size of yours. I do have a drawing table downstairs with a dresser full of paints, stamps, dyes, etc. In some ways it's good that it is small because I have to keep it straightened up to do anything and I can't buy too much, so it is quite organized.
As long as you keep creating what you like I think your style will follow. I wasn't aware I had one yet but several people have told me lately that I do.
I do a lot of blog reading, but then I try to take any ideas I get and do it my way which sometimes takes some time to get out.
You do have a way with words though so I'm sure that would be interesting to incorporate.
As far as the Jacobean designs go, I love them too. Maybe you already do this, but my habit is to draw a bunch of them into my sketch book until I get familiar enough to doodle them on my own. Then they can become yours. They would make some interesting free motion designs.

Createology said...

Hi Elle: I am so hoping you will have time for you and your passions and pursuits now. Just do what speaks to you first and foremost and have fun. Mr. C and I were having a similar conversation about my lack of focus and having to try so many creative avenues. He strongly suggests I donate tons of my studio and sewing room supplies. I know he is correct...BUT!!!
May you just enjoy whatever you decide to createat this time...Creative Hugs Dear.

Dianne said...

oh, the line drawings for the crewel lovely! wouldn't it be marvelous to have all those curlicues, different leaves & blossoms on one plant!? enjoyed my visit...