Thursday, November 7, 2013

Creating without Murphy

Nothing major. Just a whole series of snafu's!  And because nothing is a real tragedy we must be into comic mode.  And really, what else can one do but laugh when the next knot appears in the string.

The grand kiddies are back in their own nest.  I shall miss the bits of advice.  "Yup,  when you are all blooded, you die!".  The big brother is 'such' a comfort to his little sister.  I did learn after the fact that he was the cause of the droplets! ;)

My gal was alarmed that time was flying until I realized I'd not turned back the playroom clock.  Hours to go till night time.  Speaking of which she did an excellent job of adding stars to her sky.  Probably not visible but the shadows in the hills and valleys on the snow are lovely, too.

We/I are working on size and direction.  We want to keep the eye moving but not have it leave the page prematurely.  I am also working on the card.  This page seems fitting! :)  This will be from my DD#2's family and will be a bit more light hearted.

The Rooster has knocked himself silly and managed to singe his feathers but he is a tough ol' bird and there has hardly been a missed note in his cock a doodle doo!  We certainly wouldn't wish Murphy on anyone but it would be good if he'd go create messes somewhere else.  And soon! ;)


Createology said...

You are resilient my friend. Art is such a calming activity. Hope the Rooster is able to TKO Murphy very soon. We had the same time fright with not setting back the one clock in the truck. Why do we switch twice a year and not leave well enough alone?!! Make art my dear...

Jo Vandermey said...

At least Murphy hasn't taken your delightful sense of humour!