Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Game Plan

I have the Rooster moved from surveying his kingdom from the rooftop to peering into the inner workings of the coop.  He is bending down low, surveying the needs of the nest, making his suggestions, getting all the ducks egg shells in a row for dispersal and executing the plan.  We will make our way through the various levels and arrive at the peak in time to meet Spring's arrival!

My job is to kinda stay one step ahead of him so I can point him in the right direction.  ;)

The basement is home to my interests: the laundry, and off season decorating accessories;   his interests:  the pantries, freezers, and all the utensils, bowls and bottles,  pots and pans, etc.  Then there is the no man's land of seasonal clothes,  household tools and repair kits.  The rest needs to leave.  I've been dabbling in the dispersal but I need a more determined disperser.  I won't be squawking too much because I am so tired of moving this stuff around. 

My four bookcases need covers to hide the collection from any dust bunnies and well, just to make folding laundry a bit more fun.  lol   Then we need to reorganize the pantry shelves and get rid of all the extras.  Clear and quick access to what we want is the goal and the challenge is to make things easy to put back in their designated spot. 

Once again I have seriously underestimated all the work involved.  I got a lot sorted yesterday but there is still too much stuff on the floor. :(   Today was to be a sewing day and I am still hopeful but I have a bit more prepping to do since the Rooster made his fly by last night.  Feathers will continue to fly down in the depths and up in the Coop and Saucer Playroom.  The good news is that it is still early in the game!  ;)


Createology said...

Oh your space down below will feel and function so much better after your game plans succeed. I get tired and frustrated having to move stuff around just to access what I need at that moment. After the holidays I will be seriously dispensing with excess stuff (I hope I can!). Good luck and I know your team will win!!!

Unknown said...

Organizing is worth the effort. Don't forget freecycle.com when you are ready to disperse. Your junk may be just what someone else needs.

Unknown said...

Oops, no...it looked wrong so I checked. Freecycle.org

Leanne said...

Good luck with the dispersal!