Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WOW - tripping

The jewel wall hanging was roughly laid out and I liked it.  I was just about to sew the last couple of sections together when I tripped on the fact that it had changed shape.  duh! All the sewn seams went somewhere!  lol  Sew- I got out my handy dandy proportions tool and figured out what I needed to do to make it pleasing and fit the space.  The magic size is 36 inches by 48 inches.  I had to rip a couple of seams and add in some length.  I hope I don't lose too much in the quilting because I could only cut it with two extra inches.  I pressed all the seams open and I see a couple of ripples  towards the bottom that I sure hope won't be a problem for MQing.

It seems quite large but I'd already pieced a lot of the triangles so this is what works.  I hope the Rooster doesn't crow(K) too much if I ask him to raise the new nail holes.  :0  I shall leave this pinned up while I think about it and decide how I'll quilt it.  Tomorrow I have a chance to take in Nina's walking foot for reassembling. She's the machine for the job!

I played a bit with the left over triangles.  Do I need another project? NO!  Do I need to keep more scraps??  NO!!

These triangles look odd to me, up side down!  lol  But I got this wee place mat done in record time and the few pieces of fabric put away.  I was stomping!  It'll be a MQing practice piece.

I spent a goodly amount of time tripping over piles as I looked for my fabric stamped tea cups.  After a significant clean up I was still stumped.  AH!  I unrolled the kitchen fabric and there they were, positioned and ready for tweaking!  The bonus was that I found a perfect stripe for the kitchen decor!

Lots of math which kinda worked out. Next my stripe. I decided a binding wouldn't work.  I am an asymmetrical gal so I wanted it on one side.  I was determined but I ended up taking off both sides and having some Pooh time.  Think, think, THINK!  Oh, bother!

I may be kicking against the pricks here!  ;~)

You can see I'm getting desperate as I sew wanted to have this finished for 'What's On Worktable' Wednesday.  I think I will have coffee.  :(

While the coffee was sending forth its aroma I thought, "just the taupe stripe?".    See, I need to get some darker taupe into the kitchen.  It is kinda blaugh. (sp???)  This strikes me as the right shade.  Ha!  I think I will stop jumping up and down and tripping over design decisions and go have coffee and see what ideas The Needle and Thread Networkers might have


Margaret said...

It is so reassuring to read your blog and know that there's someone else out there whose mind goes into a spin as the ideas bubble and burble and boil over!

Love the hanging. Will say a wee prayer about the 2 inches!

Jenn @ A Quarter Inch from the Edge said...

Love the triangles! I haven`t made anything with that shape in a while... just what I needed - more inspiration! :)

Createology said...

My head is spinning just seeing all you work on in a day. The triangles are beautiful. I am liking your coffee cups for the kitchen. I do hope you are having a cuppa decaf. Are you jumping and tripping with Olympic style dear?...

Regina said...

However you piece it, that hanging for your kitchen will be so elegant ... and the colours of the triangled hanging are very yummy.....