Thursday, March 6, 2014

Green and useful

To dispel the snowflakes that are again falling I am doing something useful.

 The recipe box and the coffee can were gessoed and then decorated.  The coffee can got some stenciling but mostly I stenciled onto deli paper using my new Stencil Girl stencils.

 I  tore the deli paper and adhered it to the can with gel medium. I like the paper because I can try it in different places before I fix it in place.  Tissue paper would also work.

 The deli paper is very translucent and the various layers of white, coloured paint, and stencils show through.  I kept a straight edge for the can's edges.

 I attached a ribbon and a big button to finish it up.  Oh dear, now I'm going to have a can stash!  lol

 The recipe box is mostly stenciling onto a painted background.  I really like that small stencil with the puff of dandelion or topiary tree shaping.  I can already see I will have to try a bigger box if I want to write down techniques for mixed media.  I'm sure I'll find something useful for this wee box!  And the green colour distracts from the swirling snow that is just outside my window as more useful ideas spring up!  :)


Mary C. Nasser said...

Delightful, Ellen!
Love your color palette! :)

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

They are both delightful. Guess I should say I'm green with envy (grin).

Jo Ferguson said...

You could always use your can stash to store your embellishment stash. Maybe that's too many stashes.....what am I thinking, there's never too many stashes. At least not for mixed media.

Createology said...

Your little wee green box is perfect for happy green thoughts. I really like your playful stenciling and how you transformed the lowly can into a useful and beautiful piece of art. I see you stashing cans of all shapes and sizes...been there and done that too many times I have! Creative Bliss Dear and Play while the snow falls.