Monday, March 24, 2014

March is stalled

The snow sank a couple of inches but the downward motion and I must admit that the forward motion is also stalled because we are back in the deep freeze.  So I shall take a break from spring cleaning and if I have to look at white it'll be the blank page and some low volume fabrics. 

A bright spot in the week will be Thursday's arrival of an artist in residence!  My namesake and Grand kiddie, Eliana! 

Forward March!


Jo Ferguson said...

We've also hit a freezing, cold spell and they're predicting a snow storm for Wednesday. Spring?
Have a wonderful visit with your Grand Kiddie, Eliana.

Createology said...

Artist in Residence sounds so grand and Eliana is so Grand! I am so sorry you are having more freezing Winter. We are still praying for rain! Monday Playtime Dear... said...

Oh Elle. I just love all your posts. I love how free and creative your blog has always been. Those kids are so lucky to have you!! And the art they are making, the experiences they are getting - they'll always have that. : ) Love those sketchbooks so much! THey are pages full of joy. : )

Well - you made my day. : )

Thanks for blogging!