Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Stepping up the pace

I have been busy!  I left early yesterday for my needle punch class so I could check out a new quilt store and I'll be going back!  Then I hit a store selling wool so I could check out wool rovings!  Whoa!   Makes me want to dig out my old needles!  I was thinking I should stay away but then I saw 'modern' spools for making those long ropes of knitted yarn that we did as kids. My grand daughter wants to learn to knit.  I do believe it can be a field trip!  :O   I did hit the book store for coffee break and a foot rest.  I DO luv books!

Speaking of tired feet, I expect my new runners will be paint splattered shortly but they are quite comfy!  They match my thrift shop man's shirt.  Hopefully I can quit ruining my own shirts!  :(  I don't have time for clothes shopping.

oh, man!   Do I LUV this needle punch class!!!   And this isn't even close to being finished but here is a teaser till I have the finished tablet cover.  whoo hoo! 

Spent the day working with my young 'artist'!  How wonderful to do work that I luv.  :)   Makes me wanna quicken the pace even more!


Createology said...

Love all the goodies and the colors in the first photo. Then I see you new shoes match your art. Now I am totally intrigued with your needle punch. It looks fabulous. Creative Art Bliss Dear...

MarveLes Art Studios said...

yes, it's a lot of fun! i've done it and it's rather addictive, like everything else!! it looks really beautiful, and i eagerly await the finish!!