Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A window of opportunity

We are still wearing our jackets and I did wear my rubber boots to hang up some bedding on the clothes line.  But we are well on our way to seeing the last of the snow and the first of the green shoots.

An incredibly busy time.   I have been styling the house for sale.  I gave away the kids bunk beds to the grand kiddo for his room makeover and I'm pleased they fit well in his space.   I 'edited' a lot of the grand kiddies toys and old clothes from the closet and have reclaimed that closet for my newly burgeoning wardrobe.  I am storing all the darks- blacks, browns and jackets in there.

In amongst the busyness I returned a couple of things I'd ordered online from theBay and as I was strolling around...

I saw two key items that were on my newly focused to-buy list!  I'm not sure I made any headway on that particular deal but I did enjoy the change of pace as I just strolled along and looked in the shop windows.  I now have a trendy but feminine bomber jacket and ballet flats that are apparently as flattering and versatile as they are fashionable.  And on sale!  I think I'll be good till fall now! 

I got the basement all spiffed up by Thursday.  phew  The showing was for Friday morning.  Then my company for the weekend arrived in the afternoon.  The guest room was definitely ready!   We didn't spend a lot of time laying around though.
 We were out and about and Sunday night we changed guests.  We brought back the grand kiddies and their mum for an early start Monday morning.  It is spring break!  We headed off to see the big city and check out their views. 

The Children's Museum is wonderful and fully interactive.

Josh luvs to drive the 'for real' train!
Eliana tried hard to master the 'digger'!  
Jolina dared the colour mixing slide.
and of course we made art!
In amongst all this activity we have been viewing properties for sale.   There are a lot of options.  I thought one was THE one but a second look revealed it was a capital P Project!  Maybe not!   I have a new favourite now and first viewing is a phone call away.  It is exhausting even though I am 'only' mentally fitting all my stuff into the new layouts!   My Rooster studies all the structural details while I redecorate and plant flowers!  LOL

 I have a pile of hemming on the sewing table and a tunic pattern to track down.  The 40+Style Club is revamping some of the scheduling as we all become acquainted and try new things.  I am learning so much but I am also looking forward to a slower pace and settling into a gentler learning curve!   Seems like the softer colours work well for me.

This colour wheel could work.  The black would be a slice for a skirt, the grey my main neutral and the green my second.  Pink as my colour and I'd throw in an aqua.  White is the light neutral.   This makes shopping SO much easier!

I have not spent much time in my art room other than prep for Art 101 with the kiddos!  But here is one page in the planner.   I need to expand this as the style club members want to add a health and wellness thread.  Heck, I am all for upping the exercise and tweaking my food choices.  One gal showed me her planner spread sheet so I had to show her 'my' spreadsheet.  lol  

So that is a peek into the window of my world.  But my windows will definitely be changing as we have sold our farm and the paperwork is beginning.  Now to find that new window to look out!


Createology said...

Congratulations!!! Now you can begin a brand new chapter with your newly claimed self and wardrobe. Such exciting news dear. You will find just the right place. Great museum for the Gands. Enjoy your new Spring clothes and home shopping.

Jo Vandermey said...

Lots of changes coming up. Congradulations on selling the house. Enjoy looking for your new space! The colours for your personal pallete looks very good on you!

Beth said...

I love the new outfit and color scheme. You look great. Best of all Congrats on selling your farm. What awaits is the creative power of the unknown!!!!!!

Nita said...

I'm enjoying following along your wardrobe adventures. Since I retired, I've been struggling with clothing. How to outfit myself for my new lifestyle - trying to figure out exactly what my new lifestyle is - how to dress this older, heavier body in a way that is flattering and makes me feel good. I'm tired of the frumpy yoga pants and t-shirts I've been living in. I find myself still attracted to the styles I wore when I worked. Structured skirts with blouses, slacks with tunics, and dresses. And a different cardigan for every outfit. So perhaps I need to consider a more casual version of the same thing.'s so helpful thinking out loud! I may just have to copy this comment and turn it into a blog post, lol!

Margaret said...

So much activity and many lists as you prepare to move the Coop...blessings for the future, which you are clearly entering with style! ;-)

UplayOnline said...

Enjoy your new Spring clothes and home shopping.