Monday, June 5, 2017

Finding Gold

The summer challenge is up for the 40+ style club and I'm hoping to incorporate some gold but I really need to focus on my casual wardrobe.  I learnt lots about accessories last month so I can definitely bump up my casual look with them.  Now I need my Eliana to help me find some gold sneakers!

The new owners of the farm have put it back to its black state but I expect it to be a canola golden yellow colour this summer.

I believe we've managed to mow down all the yellow dandelions.  Gee, I do not like those long stalks with the seed heads but the flocks of gold finches seem to enjoy them.

The grand kiddies need to include a nature journal in their school curriculum so their mum (DD#2) and I are trying to find the right format so that in their golden years they can relive some memories..  We are leaning to a clip board for the studies and store them in binders.  Now to find a good paper. 

We had hoped to get a small acreage in Tolstoi, Manitoba.  Wouldn't  living in a town named after a famous author be so cool for a blog called To Tell a Story!  pure gold!!!  Tolstoi used a lot of the proceeds from his books to help with emigration.  We haven't given up hope of finding something in this area.  The Rooster would like to be more involved with his Ukrainian roots and this is the area they first settled in.  There are heritage sites and an Ukrainian Festival nearby.  Hope the map manages to stay together until we strike the mother lode!

And we did find a nugget while traipsing all over one property.   Deer are a mixed blessing especially in a garden but perhaps this wee fella could be persuaded to move to the corners and  leave the homestead to the new settlers!  Here is hoping!!!

I also hope we are all looking forward to a golden summer!  :)

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Createology said...

Looks like you have hit the Gold Motherload. I hope you find your new homestead soon and can settle in before Winter returns. We are busy inside and outside making even more improvements in hopes of selling through our new agent. Summer is here and I love the Sunshine and Warmth. I am certain Eliana can be your Fashionista and find you those gold sneakers. Happy Searching Dear...<3