Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ducks in a row

I'm looking forward to the slower, more creative time of winter. But there are a few things that need doing before then. Hence the getting of all the ducks in a row. We only have three this year and it took them a long time to actually leave their home pen but now they regularly paddle back and forth from the south of the yard to the north to check out what the chickens are up to.

A current goal is yard beautification. Most farmers have a stash and my Rooster is no exception. But it is time to purge the stash as his plans to restore some old tractors has hit the time crunch. So many hobbies and so little time. I understand. I have that problem myself. So a scrap dealer has been summoned. But before he takes things away we had to get some parts. He always comments on my selection of rulers. Wow, you should see all the wrenches and sockets he has!!! And it takes very good scrubbing before I can handle things in my stash! LOL

I shoulda been working on sewing projects but the day was very nice and I was sure there was things in the barn that we could purge so I spent some time sorting and hauling. There is always one who wants to know what is happening. This is our ram. He is concerned about the downsizing as he used to have 3 companions to butt heads with!

I ran into a young gal who is working with an upholsterer. This has made me think about my two auction sale chairs. What should I be considering for fabric??? So I flapped my samples out for viewing. I luv blogging and putting it out there. I now see that the paint sample (bottom left) for the sitting room is way too light! And a wall paper border I got a number of years ago seems to have the colours I'm considering. I'm thinking a medium blue green.

I'm also thinking this is my last day to help at the thrift shop and then I'll be setting up the playroom for some major machine quilting. Deadlines! What if I actually didn't wait till the last moment??? Here ducky, ducky!


Createology said...

Well as the ducks as in a row you and your Rooster are certainly making progress on the yard beautification. Maybe your ram would like to do some painting...a wall and some paint to dip his head into? There is always so much to do...

HollyM said...

It's interesting reading about farm life.
Isn't funny how as soon as you put a photo on the computer you can see color/value problems right away?