Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A place to remember

The Rooster has a little black book.  He has had one for a long time.  It held important information concerning breeding dates, which ram went where,  ewes and their lambs, and successful pairings, etc.  Spare pages began to hold other info such as serial and parts  numbers.  The flock is gone.  The black book remains because the memory wanders off just like the odd sheep who tries slipping under a fence.

I am Queen of the Slips.  Slips of paper that is.  :(  I have tried day timers and annual journals but my attention span seems to last six months and then I'm back to scribbling on slips of paper.  :(   Now the slips piles of paper are threatening the kingdom.  :(  Time to abdicate! 

I don't have a small shirt pocket so my book must be bigger.  Perhaps if I incorporate various kinds of slips I won't wander off looking for options.  I luv themes.  I can do a book of the month and play at the same time.

My fall scarf is the theme.

I coloured the cover and began to add layers. 

I gathered an assortment of papers from my stash.  Before stitching the papers in I added some details with stencils.

I added layers of text and texture to the pages.   Lots of fun!

 Some pages turned out good, I thought.  I even left space for documentation. :)

Some pages turned out bad but I think I can help them with some journaling additions and there is always gesso! :(

Some are ugly from when a thought was acted on too impetuously.   :O This was a image transfer whose black background proved troublesome.  The solution was evn moreso!  :( But its never a mistake and there are always creative opportunities to pull out of the bag of tricks. Or so I want to believe.   I debated moving into my default setting which is to start all over.  But November is marching along and this is a journey!  Hopefully I'll remember where my luggage claim tickets are soon.  ;^)

I also need to remember that my style is unfolding. I'm reminded of the slogan Calm Down and Carry on!   I get that less is more when it comes to the variety and number of options.  I had way too much fun trying too may things.  I am recognizing continuity.  Now I need to learn subtlety!  :O

I don't imagine this particular journal will slip anywhere.  It is pretty busy which pretty much guarantees visibility.  Perhaps I should jot down some restraints for next month on the last page as a reminder of what not to do.   you know, the what ifs...

Oh!  And I may need a reminder to post the rest of the story when this month slips from the calender. 


Createology said...

Excellent journal to post your thoughts and ideas and visions and creative vibes. How fun to use your artistic skills to create your very own original "little black book". Creative Bliss...

Threadpainter said...

Your journal looks great, Elle ! I hope that you stuff it with great ideas !

In Jan. 2012, I took a workshop with a retired art professor (OCAD) who said that a journal is a 'journey' of the progress, on to the final work.
I have just finished this particular journal (sketch book) and I love it ! Started a new one this month !

Seth said...

Hey elle. I think the journal pages are great. You are building the layers and have chosen a great range of colors. I like the fact that you have created borders on many on=f the pages with your design choices. Also like the fact that you shared your thoughts about them as you went along in the post. Thanks for using my stencils to such great effect.