Friday, November 14, 2014

Before the path freezes

We are into winter here. The path will be requiring regular shoveling.  :O

Before travel gets 'interesting',  I brought the youngest grand kiddie for her visit to Gram'elle's house. She didn't seem too very interested in the mechanics of blog writing.  :O

She did perk up considerably when we played with the Drunkard's Path blocks I'd unearthed from the wip pile. 

I don't know if I'll make it bigger but I'm sure I can find something for the last two corners. hmm, I can see I need to study this a bit to get everything oriented.  Grand kiddies could (?) be my distraction but then paths do get kinda twisty all on their own.  lol

Jolina and I are off to the city and then I'll be home alone for a while.  I hope to hunker down and get some sewing done so I can show some finished projects for Vicki's Cross the Drunkard's Path Quilt Along.  Hmm, I might need to stop at a quilt shop today because she has an amazing layout on today's post.  :)  Hi ho, hi, ho, its down the path we go......


Createology said...

Winter has certainly come early to your parcel of the world. Jolina is so cute. Enjoy your Gram'elle time my friend. Stay safe and warm on those frozen paths.

What Comes Next? said...

Grand-kiddies are such fun! Hope there is not too much shoveling required this year. I like the layout you've got happening there with the drunkards path blocks. Makes me want to make some!

Threadpainter said...

Winter is here to stay as well ! Love it except for the ice ... ice means I stay indoors or I would be walking the drunkards, falling down path ;)
and isn't following gr. kids around (or simply watching them, like a drunkards path ? Maybe you should do a Toddler's Path Quilt ... lol ! betcha' could !