Thursday, November 27, 2014


Art day with the Grand Kiddies!  We are doing snowflakes.  I got most of my supplies at the local dollar store.  I chopped up Christmas greenery sprays for accessorizing.

Gesso works fine for whitewashing the clothes pins.  We didn't paint the flat side as they are glued together.

The glue gun works for the spokes but the string glued better with the tacky glue.  My little glue gun doesn't seem to get real hot so it will work for the wee ones although I've enlisted their mum for helping.

I was happy to have helpers.  Josh's sore neck turned out to be a sore throat and he faded rapidly.  Poor guy!  Eliana  LUVED the hot glue gun which doesn't work very well but enough to make her want to glue anything and everything. :)  Jolina was just happy to be in 'school'! 

They each made two.  I neglected to get close ups, I was busy, don't cha know, but they turned out quite well.  As I was leaving I almost stopped to take a photo from outside as they looked so COOL!  ;^)


What Comes Next? said...

wonderful snowflakes and a great project with the grandies!

Margaret said...

What a neat idea to use clothespins for the flakes! I have lots of extra flakes to send you if you're interested...I shovelled several square feet of the white stuff today! ;-)

Createology said...

Beautiful Snowflakes and what precious time you are able to spend with the Littles. Health to all...