Saturday, January 3, 2015

Past Present Future

There is something about Vicki's Field Trips that get me looking for my bottle of water and my back pack.

Vicki  is gonna be UFO Busting for 2015
The fact that some of these ufo's are from her last year's quilt along makes me doubt my sanity in signing up again. LOL  But as the four feathered friends sang to Mowgli, "That's what friends are for!"  ;^)  Should I...
These older projects would be a good place to start as I can hone the skills that messing/playing with paper and paint kinda set aside.  This particularly applies to my machine quilting skills.  I'm working on my page for Monday's airing of my dirty laundry which has spent the past piled up in some obscure corner!  

While I was considering the UFO issue I saw the next button.
Vicki has decided it is time to tackle a technique she's been wanting to learn.
I have always wanted to work in a series.  I see its value having dabbled a bit with the concept.  But this year, yup, THIS year, I had already planned to do a series that I set up, control and execute.  I want to explore a particular theme, find helpful techniques and then discover my style as I try various combinations.  This was meant to be!!!  It also has me quite excited.  I'm really looking forward to it. :)

I have two different ideas.

I luv house blocks.  Elizabeth Barton has excellent design and working in a series books which are very in depth.  There is a lot to learn from her but I'm worried I might rush too much in my pursuit of getting to the series part.

I have long been a follower of Katie Pasquini Masopust and this book has a great way of breaking down the steps as you try various kinds of still life styles. But I'm not luving the still life.

I spent most of yesterday pondering my options and I've decide to use my row of houses as my starting point and work through Katie's exercises.  I want to start with a reasonable facsimile and simplify each succeeding project.  This is a project to keep me intentional and present as I discover my style.  I do feel like squealing as this is gonna be exciting.  :]

Another join up project???  A Big Dream!  I am a procrastinator.  I should capitalize that!  I have a few dreams actually.  But one is to make a crazy quilt throw for the end of the bed for the winter season.  Lap size to keep the tootsies warm.  I made a wall sized crazy quilt for a quilt challenge many years ago and it was a surprise to me that I totally luved it.  I've collected some fashion fabrics, in fact two colourways.  I have also had an urge to do handwork in the evening.  I...  Should I look some more or should I just say what the hey, that's what friends are for and leap into the future...  and it can always go on next year's UFO list!  lol   

That pretty much sets the pace for the year.   I got the past, the present and the future covered!  :)


Createology said...

You go girl! Good to have a plan yet better to be flexible. I have yet to figure out me and my plan or goals...

Mystic Quilter said...

Your last sentence sums it all up - past, present and future. I too have decided on all three and busy writing my list for the UFO post. The first book by Elizabeth Barton is also on my bookshelf so I'm looking forward to following your series over the year.

Susan said...

I have the 2 Elizabeth Barton books as well!! I'm planning on working through the exercises in Inspired to Design for my series.

Jo Vandermey said...

I like Elizabeth Barton's book and read most of it and made my way home from my sisters from Vermont to Ontario for Their US Thanksgiving. Promptly put it away and involved myself in purging and Christmas.
Just starting to get energy back when I now have a horrible cold. After a nap I think I will pull out the book again.
Glad to see you having some great goal.
Looking forward to following you again this year.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I think you have an excellent plan for 2015. Besides some great reference materials, you also have several challenges to keep you on your path. I'm sure you'll make it, too.