Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A wonderful mixed up Wednesday

We have certainly been mixing up a variety of creative opportunities.  Some more so than others.

My daughters are better suited to teach hand sewing than I am.  We are both learning.   There is a lot of thread licking going on!  lol

No thread for some sewing machine practice but we still managed to mess up the wee machine.  Nina and Mini are VERY hopeful that the Grand Dad can fix things.  eek!

We did try out a few colour combos for new lap quilts for the sisters.  Color preferences have changed since the first mock ups!  eek!

We did have to fit in some school work and she got quite creative with forming the answers. I'm not sure what the 'principal' is gonna have to say!  ;^)

Getting really messy is the favourite thing and we had the decorating scheme in mind as we splashed stuff around. 

I worked on these four while Eliana worked on her own 'frame'.

This was turning out so well I insisted on wiping off her last few dabs!   Less was definitely more!  :)

I'm not sure how I feel about giving young kids electronic gadgets but it works for a long and quiet coffee break!  LOL


Beth said...

Those kids are very lucky!!

Createology said...

You really have some fun projects going on. Love the canvases and the colors are beautiful. Hope Grandad is able to fix the wee little sewing machine.