Friday, May 27, 2016

I Quit


                                                                 Isabelle... frankly: No entry
 My job, that is!  My foray into the job market, such as it was, lasted only a few years and degenerated into making cute crafts.  I don't 'do' cute crafts with any kind of enthusiasm.  So I have retired.  That snort you hear is from the Rooster.  He says, no retirement for me!   ahem...   Seems I am back to being a 'kept' woman but I steadfastly refuse to clear a shelf for cook books.  (see below)   LOL

So I spent my last cheque on art supplies.  'Course I am going to have to quit spending money I no longer earn.  Rooster?  What kind of pie did you request?   Ha, I don't do pies either.  :(   But he is good to his old biddy but doesn't quite understand why I need more when he looks around at two full rooms.  :O  The wee paycheque did eliminate long discussions!  vbsigh

I also got two inspiring books.  E books, though cheaper, are not very satisfying for thumbing through and then propping open for reference.  ;^)   But I also need to quit looking for empty spaces in my bookcase.  There isn't any.

But the local library never seems to tire of my request for books.  The one gal is retiring but I'm sure she has trained her replacement to accept my various lists. My list never end. These will be for the grand kiddies and art 101 which I will endeavour to keep from becoming too cute!

And I must never quit learning myself.  So if a children's book works...

I do have lots to do so the rain could quit anytime.   Weeds never quit and  I have a few more flower beds to tidy up.  :) 


Createology said...

I also have ended my temporary jobette at the Chamber of Commerce. The ever constant dilemma of work to earn money to buy supples and then have NO time to use said supplies...vs...NO work and NO money but lots of time to pla and create. I think I prefer to play and create...after all I have enough supplies to keep me busy for many years. S.A.B.L.E. Supplies Aquired Beyond Life Expectancy. We can always make do with what we have. Congratulations on Quitting! Today was my first day to enjoy what I wanted to do and I must say the hour I spent dead-heading roses and pulling weeds was very enjoyable.

Beth said...

well to retirement. It's the best

Jo Vandermey said...

Welcome to the world of unemployment!
I too am now a kept women. It has taken me a few months to get used too.
Now I can say I am my wonderful hubby of course!
When things are going as planned it frees us both up to relax together.

Threadpainter said...

Ah, Elle ... we speak the same language ! I'll spare no shelves for cookbooks ... and pie ?, only if you are a very lucky boy ... lol !
Enjoy your 'retirement' ;)