Monday, May 9, 2016

Springing up the place.

I planted a grape vine years ago.  It was to fill a fence to separate the side lawn from the chicken coop area.  That darn vine did give wee glimpses of tiny fruit but I think it put ALL its energy into reaching for the tops of the tees.  I pruned.  And pruned!  It pulled one fence post over.  This year I began to rein it in one more time and got slightly over heated.  :(  "Rooster, bring that green machine of yours over here with a serious chain."  woosh!  Darn, wasn't that easy!  Shoulda done it before now.  Hmm, plant possibilities here!!!  But perhaps I/we should give this old potting shed some TLC first!
New gravel and a plan for the south wall garden bed.  I am delighted that this tree like shrub (dogwood) whose name escapes me, is looking like it is ready to take on feature plant status!

This year our summer plan and fall prep work has paid off.  We actually have a head start on the season's weeds.  whoo hoo!

The Rooster shouldn't even be looking at shrubs as we determined no watering new plantings this year.  The vision is projects like the aforementioned potting shed.  So we got some annuals which I'm thinking wasn't such a hot idea as I will be hauling them in and out every day till the frost warnings cease. :(  But it is hard to resist the optimism that spring brings!


Beth said...

I'm chuckling because (brian) is bring the hanging basket in and out everyday til frost fear is gone. Spring Brings such hope and excitiment

Jo Vandermey said...

The sun is teasing us here in the day. This morning it is out bright but only2 degrees C. I just want to sit outside and hear the birds! Soon they are calling.