Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Spring rush

The rain seems to have quit but the frost sure hasn't.  I'm still dragging the transplants in and out.

But in spite of lawn mower breakdowns and repairs we are up to date on the grass cutting.  Last year's trees are all looking good.  Now to keep my lawn mower away from them.  I do like to cut as close as I can!  eek!

The kitchen sink is back within the top 3 items of the list.  I saw a question on face book asking if anyone hand washed dishes anymore.  Yes, and now I am back to the old basin set up.  lol  Can't wait to hand wash in my new porcelain sink! 

I'm just itching to play on a big canvas but the next thing to do is a handmade book for a young graduate.  This a young man who is into hunting, fishing, golfing so that will be a bit different from my usual.  I shall enjoy the challenge.

The Next Thing First has some changeable aspects this week.  ;^) I also hope the magpie nest in the upper right has its building permit revoked and the pair change locations.  They are not nice birds.  Fast nest builders but not nice tenants!  The robin in the potting shed is hoping I don't arrive too soon as well.  ;^)


Beth said...

spring seems to have moved on permanently. Your yard and looking good and I also wash dishes by hand when not in am immobilizer with a broken shoulder. Cant wait to see the new sink

Margaret said...

I know what you mean about unexpected frost...which did in a couple of too-soon-planted tomatoes in my patch last week. It's worth taking the pots in and out! I too wash dishes by hand...Happy nearly-summer!

Jo Vandermey said...

We do have a dishwasher but there always seems to be more dishes to wash then fit in the dishwasher so I guess we semi sink users.

At the cottage it is pure hand washing for us. We don't seem to mind it as much there as we have relatively slower paced schedule and more people to helps... me .

I am not going to do any planting out yet. Weather is still to unpredictable here.


Createology said...

Winter has returned here also...very cold, rain and hail with snow in the mountains. Your homestead is looking great. Too funny how you describe the nesting tenants. A graduation gift challenge that I am certain you will excel at accomplishing.