Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blessings of Blogging

I've noticed as I've blasted off into the blogging world that I'm not always clearing the tree line! So as I've once again bumped down to the ground and have begun to pick the leaves and branches out of my hair, I'm considering how to do things smarter, better, etc.
I had figured that my propensity to go off on tangents was not dealing with the procrastination issue. So I figured a strategy to keep me moving and hopefully finishing. Certain things on certain days. It works but I also have a short attention span so the to do list was growing and the bright ideas were languishing, not to mention the garden weeds. sheesh, I shoulda known better!
The structure is good but one day isn't enough to finish things or at least get them far enough along for a rest/rethink period.
So I'm gonna try a monthly plan. First week - quilting. Second week- gardening or garments. Third week- mixed media. Fourth week - home decorating. Fifth week- fun, fun or ...
I wish I had lists of accomplishments to show for 2009. But how do you list the "aha's, now I see". I've sorted, reorganized and rearranged. It has been physical but it has also very much been mental. To fix a problem, you have to define it. Well, the problem has been ME! So unravelling that particular thread nest, worktable jumble, and hazardous material spill has been very enlightening. There are still incident reports and government forms to be filled out! lol
Although the destination is what matters, the journey is going to need revisions as the terrain changes, the weather happens and the detours crop up.
So I think I'll check the flight plan, weather conditions, fuel gauge AND my parachute and rev up the engine once again! What if I head towards that break in the bushes right over there...

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True Blue Nana said...

Are you trying to connect to your inner self? It sounds to me like you are on the way. Going off on tangents shows that you are interested in many things. As for accomplishments you have almost made it to a new year and that in itself is reason to celebrate. Enjoy the ride!