Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Ticking along the edge

Art Quilt Monday was all about SHAPE. I'm sure I learn more than I teach. I was particularly challenged to learn more about the space around a shape; the negative space. I'll be studying more about that. But we looked at geometric shapes and organic shapes. I also see that the square or rectangle is the shape most quilters work on, the background. It is very overlooked just like the pages we turn are not seen as a shape. Squares and rectangles are the most common shape and are perceived as being familiar, safe, comforting; but their uniformity can also create a conservative or rigid effect. I don't want to be conservative or rigid. I'm somewhat mollified because I actually like the triangle shape which suggests action because of movement from corners pointing the way. They suggest growth or "reaching for the top". Circles suggest infinity,completion,softness, and security. They can focus attention because of the closure of the shape. But I hadn't thought about ellipses which aren't quite as predictable as circles. Heaven forbid I become predictable! LOL
So this little quilt, inspired by Amanda Jean's Ticker Tape Quilt was one of my examples on the shape demo. It also seemed a safe place to try frayed edges. The uniformity of the many squares and the few rectangles calmed me. The woven plaids gave me some control over the fraying. I couldn't believe I spent so much time pulling threads. Then when I saw all the 'good stuff' I was going to throw out I set them aside for... ??? Anyway, frayed edges ruffle my comfort zone edges. lol But this little quilt is very cute and got lots of smiles. I am going to be ruffling my edges some more!
I have also been thinking about the quilt along over at Naptime Quiter. Rail Fence blocks are not my favorite and this is sorta like that. Stacked or Chinese coins- I like. What if... I did some block turning but I think all those seams are not gonna be worth the hassle. So I'll stick with the plan for the front. I do need to get these sewn and off my design wall because I have to start back on the last few rows of my daughter's wedding quilt. Baby number 2 is arriving and I made a vow; no baby stuff til the wedding is done! LOL But she and the grandson#1 are staying over and we'll make those last colour choices so I can get on with my Joy In the New Year challenge.
So I am happily ticking along.


True Blue Nana said...

Being a former math teacher I enjoyed your musing on shapes. Yes squares and rectangles are rigid but what about a parallelogram or a rhombus or even a trapezoid, all of those are rectangles and squares trying to break out of their rigidity!!

Cheryl Arkison said...

Wedding quilt? Really?

elle said...

Yay for parallelograms, rhombuses and trapezoids. I'm gonna bust out all over the place! 8^) Those are great what if's...

Approachable Art said...

I loved this post, Elle! It really made me smile, particularly this: "...frayed edges ruffle my comfort zone edges..." You know how I am about the fraying LOL.

Give the excess threads to the birds for this nests. Just scatter them over the grounds (keep it away from the chickens, cos they might eat it) and the birds will do the rest. ;)

Your "frayed squares" quilt is adorable.