Monday, December 28, 2009

Out with the old...

in with the new!
I have learned so much these last few months. Thanks BloggerLand!
This huge black binder has the creme de la creme of all the things I wanted to do. That was back in the late nineties. It even has some old fabric swatches for what I had in mind. I still find myself thinking I'd like to do them. But so much has changed; myself, in particular. I don't want to copy these. I can enjoy them in the binder, I suppose. But I am trying to eliminate a lot of these paper packaged promises. I might give them another year; but they should be what ifs... Not replicas. My new fabric choices reflect where I now am.
Blogging is really journaling. There is something powerful in putting my thoughts down on a written page. It clarifies. It also motivates and commits.
This time between the 25th and the 1st is an in between time. I'm going to use it to set the direction for a very productive 2010. I'm a dreamer, not a realist. But I'm also getting tired of that too true statement: "hope deferred maketh the heart sick." I'm a great believer in hope; but my heart needs wellness.
How do you plan for a healthy heart?


True Blue Nana said...

Blogging is like journaling. My aunt reads my blog to keep up with what I am doing. She says it is a great way to keep a record of your goings on. A lot of things are pulling me in various directions today. I need to pull back and assess what I really want to do.

Approachable Art said...

"How do you plan for a healthy heart?"

One day at a time. I hear bran helps, too. :D