Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hopping right along

I hopped into the big city  Thursday for a few supplies.  I decided in the midst of rush hour traffic to go to an old fabric store on my way home.  This is an old business in an old building.  I luved the character and was surprised by the wonderful inventory.  They didn't have the interfacing I was looking for but I did get two pieces of fabric and some double sided fusible.

In the basement is an whole 'nother section!  Good thing I'd already done the check out!  I just luved this centre section and the ones on the right.  I think I may have hit on something good with the monthly wall hangings.  It may be more home dec next year. Pillows???  Chair cushions???

Friday the Rooster tackled our tree. It has two trunks and one was fixed when it split but the second has to go.

The job went better than expected but now we need to think about how to safely tackle the next problem.

It is up quite high.  The darn prairie winds are pretty strong.  We don't want to take out too much of the remaining trunk as I have my shade plants under it.  I suspect this pretty tough willow will be all the better for the pruning but the Rooster needs to be able to still crow when it is all done.  ;>)

I have learned that trees need pruning.  Had we done some many years ago this tree wouldn't have spread and leaned so close to the house.  I think tightening it up will help it withstand the winds better also.  It is a semi weeping silvery birch and is a feature tree. 

I should sketch it.  This week we were to go sketch outside.  It is darn cold but the thought was also to do it out in public.  I chose the town library and they are right;  hardly anyone pays attention.  I wish I'd remembered my little watercolour kit.  Next time!  :)  I must say this class has been worth the money.  I am no capital A artist.  But I am really liking making quick representational sketches of things that will remind me later of what I did this particular week.  And then there is always the hope that the end of this sketchbook will be better than the first!  ;^)

So I shall keeping hoping and hopping!


Margaret said...

What a happy time hoppin' around that old store, eh? I love places like that too. Sad about your tree but yes, definitely safety is a consideration. I have ageing trees that came with my house that need a bit of something every year, as I'm trying to avoid cutting them down altogether!

Leanne said...

I'm glad you are enjoying the class, and the tree is lovely, should be even happier now.

Jo Ferguson said...

Sketching, like most things, takes practice and I'm way out of practice. Good for you for getting out and doing it. The results look great. The tree will be much stronger and healthier with the attention it received...kind of like us, when we get attention.

Createology said...

Oh I see some lovely blue butterfly fabric that would have had a new home here. Love your tree and Mr. Rooster did a good job on the pruning. Fabulous sketching and how fun to do it at the library. Creative Bliss Abounds With You Dear...