Monday, July 28, 2014

a day in the life of...

 The flock with one ram, the ewes and this year's lambs. 

The shearer arrives with his equipment and packer.  This, our final year, also includes spectators!

Some are more helpful than others!  Sweet Pea is our Border Collie.

The sheep move down the shoot and the shearer brings them out one at a time.  He is quite fast but questions slowed him down.  He has been shearing for 42 years and 25 years for us.  He is a good friend.

He uses electric clippers and this ewe is one of our few black sheep.

At least one of these is wondering what the lambs have been up to while they have been at the 'beauty parlour'!

Waiting for their turn!  ;~)

You can see that the lambs born this spring are already a good size.  They are not sheared their first year.

The fleeces are packed in these wool bags.  There isn't much demand for wool and our flock's purpose is meat not fleeces.  The wool cheque won't cover the costs of the shearer but the sheep are better for the shearing.

Josh tried to get a few tips for rounding up the sheep but the results weren't very impressive!  lol

And there goes the end of one chapter in our life down on the farm! 


Leanne said...

Are you selling all the sheep? Maybe that will free up some time for relaxing?

Createology said...

Very interesting Miss Elle. I find it hard to believe Wool is not in demand. Great that you have all this knowledge and experience and can share it with the Littles. Sad to see the sheep chapter ending.

Jo Ferguson said...

Thanks for the sharing the day. It would have been more fun to be there but I enjoyed the photos. Especially your granddaughter sitting on the bag of wool and Josh, giving Sweet Pea a few tips. I can tell that Sweet Pea is only pretending to listen.

Margaret said...

I went to a shearing in Crossfield a few springs back. Bought a Shetland fleece right off the sheep. Cleaned all of it; carded most of it; have spun up most of what I've carded. Even Dorset out here can win awards and get a good price at the silent auction held at the annual fleece judging in Olds. Makes good "woolly wool" for outdoor wear.