Friday, July 18, 2014

Not so cute

I have been a little 'owly' lately.  Is that still an understood phrase?  lol

The weather is obviously affecting us and if not, then the mosquitoes are actually driving us to distraction.

We are making serious changes to our diet.  Thank you, Mr. Rooster for your support.  ;~)  I am gluten intolerant and I push the limits far too much. I misunderstood the meaning of intolerant; it is not sorta okay!   I am agreeing with recent reads that our diets affect us in all kinds of ways, moods being just one way. 

Then I decided my lengthening hair needed tweaking.  For the first time since I was about four years old, I have bangs!  The first tentative try was way too short so I went further back and cut the hair longer.  It takes some getting used to says she as she brushes them aside AGAIN! 

I need new glasses.  A preliminary try when I made the appointment begs several questions.  Do I want coloured and cute?  Do I want neutral and classic?   Google has all kinds of tips on choosing frames. Who knew???   I will not be making my usual quick decision as the helpful staff gives all sorts of advice, customers line up at the counter and the optometrist waits to mark the exact centre of the eye while his client settles impatiently into the chair. :O  I didn't know the pupil should sit in the centre especially if one has progressive lenses.  This is particularly important for computer or hand work.  duh!  So I shall go the week before with my check list and set aside a couple of possibles.  Stay tuned for a new profile picture!  lol 

But all this brings me to style.  I learned some things during the sketchbook classes.  I am learning lots as I pursue the monthly quilted wall hangings.  And I am starting to recognize some patterns in my journal pages. I'm kinda moving forward but I need a bit more illumination because unlike an owl, I don't work so good in the dark.

There are three distinct types of art. 

Representational Art
"Representational artwork aims to represent actual objects or subjects from reality. Subcategories under representational art include Realism, Impressionism, Idealism, and Stylization. All of these forms of representationalism represent actual subjects from reality. Although some of these forms are taking steps toward abstraction, they still fall under the category of representation.  Representational art is perhaps the oldest of the three types of art. It can be traced back to the Paleolithic figurine, The Venus of Willendorf.  It is also the easiest to digest from a viewer's perspective."  To my mind I think of carved idols, cave/wall drawings, botanical sketches, sea and land scapes, portraits, etc.

Abstract Art
"The often misunderstood type of art known as abstraction aims to take subjects from reality but present them in way that is different from the way they are viewed in our reality. This
may take the form of emphasizing lines, shapes, or colors that transform the subject. Abstract art includes the subcategories of Minimalism, Cubism, and Precisionism. Abstraction can also happen when the artist decides to view the subjects in a non- traditional manner.  Abstraction is relatively new to the art world, having it's earliest roots in the deviations from reality taken by the Impressionists.  It began to gain popularity in various forms around the world at the end of the 19th century.  Artists began to take a more intellectual approach to painting."  I see the sixties geometrics, one-eyed full face portraits, ink blots, and sharp edged layering as examples.

Non -objective Art
"The third type of art is often mistaken for Abstract art although it is entirely different from it. Non-Objective art takes nothing from reality. It is created purely for aesthetic reasons. The intent of Non-objective art is to use the elements and principles of art in a way that results in a visually stimulating work. It is purely that simple."  The way I see this is just the texture of the background  and no real focal point.

But notice the subtitles.  I hadn't.  Representationalism for example, has sub titles- Realism, Impressionism, Idealism, and Stylization.  :O 

So far I have been starting with representational.  I think abstract may even be in my future.  And I've learned never to say never so who knows about non-objective!   I've identified that my owl will be somewhere between a kindergarten drawing and a photograph.  I need to decide if it will be a 'regular' owl or one from fantasy.  I must consider the whole point of why I will make an owl and how I'll tell its story because that'll help settle on which representation works best for my voice.  hoo hoo, sorry couldn't resist!    I will likely be veering away from traditional as the overall setting.  Ah, I now have a wee candle burning in my art/sewing room.

I can't quite say "You've come a long way, baby!" but I'm getting closer.  I'm not doing too much navel gazing but I am beginning to 'hone in' on the specifics of my style.

                     One thing I do know,  it is not going to be 'cute'!  ;~)



Margaret said...

I've had some of my landscapes referred to as 'cute'. Sigh. I don't think I've been cute since I was three. Can't advise you on your pending eye-wear, but sure hope you have your pennies saved. I could have bought a PC for what I spent on eyeglasses this spring!

Jo Vandermey said...

Wow! A very interesting and deep post. I struggle with abstract art. Often I just don't get it. To me some is like the emperors new clothes story . Sometimes something becomes the next best thing just because someone says so. I struggle to with the need in me to make representation art and more impressionistic pieces.
Cute has its place. I am not really from one style in my house. It it has meaning for me it stays. If I don't like it it goes...
I think really I am an experimentist. I just want to try thing...
Hope you get the right glasses.. Maybe you can find a two for one sail so you can be funky and more conservative.
I am going to save you post. I like the explanation you gave. It helps me get a simple perspective on the subject.

Leanne said...

What you eat can sure make a difference, good luck with the changes. And you can get more than one pair of glasses, you know a funky pair and a functional pair and sunglasses too, just saying. I am totally into non-representational art. Reality has been tiring me out lately.

Threadpainter said...

Thanks Elle !
I love your post and the simple explanations.
I only heard of the term 'representational' a few years ago and it is what I do, I guess ... represent what I see in my own language ... any further 'division' and I'll be screwed for life ... lol !
Glasses ... ugh ... such a nuisance ... even with bifocals I can't see to do close work unless I take the damned things off and get nose to nose with my work.
Good luck with the search for the perfect pair ;)

Jo Ferguson said...

Finding your "voice" and style can be a life long journey because it can change and shift, like our hair and glasses. What we liked two years ago might not appeal to us now. Enjoy the journey and have fun. Thanks for the tutorial on art. I think many quilt blocks can be considered abstract art. For example, Broken Dishes, Delectable Mountains and Log Cabin. Now I'm wondering if blocks like Mariner's Compass and Bride's Bouquet would be considered Representational. All good food for thought. Speaking of food, you're right, it does play a huge part in our mood, health and even how well we sleep.

Createology said...

Good to hear you are taking care of YOU first. I am looking forward to "seeing" your new look. I have enjoyed reading about art as you have shared. I do know I love "cute" just as much as all the other art so that really leaves me in a quandry. May you find your ART BLISS dear...