Thursday, July 3, 2014

Finally Finished beginning!

Julie Andrew's song lyrics Do-Re-Mi could be my theme song. "Lets start at the very beginning, a very good place to start..."  I do believe one does have a brand new start every morning.  But gracious, I don't need to completely restart every single thing, every single Monday morning.  So...

I am finished beginning.  I shall call it refocusing!  LOL

DO:  a dear, a female ...

Dear Fairy Godmother...

RE: a drop of golden sun

a golden attitude

MI: a name I call myself (be nice)

If I wanna be a cheerleader then I have to shake those pom poms!

FA- a long long way to run!

                                     I need to stay on the exercise path

SEW- a needle pulling thread....

                                              keep it fun!

LA- a note to self!  ;~)

Stay off the 'puter till lunch time!

TE:  a drink with...

                               home baking!  Use it or you lose the skills!

which brings us back to DO

I do feel I have a good basic plan.  I also know life has a way of taking scissors to the plan. But I am going to stop backing up all the time to the table of contents.  It is just a form of procrastination.
After my company all left and while the yard was drying out,  I cleaned house.  I did NOT rearrange every room and all the accessories. Focus!  STAY focused.
I want to keep up with the monthly wall hangings.  July will be very simple.
I need to keep up with the DYLP and I'll combine my daily sketching with it.
I need to count the cost of sticking my hand up! 
To do this I need to be healthy, body, soul and spirit.  I shall be focusing on it every morning and the hope is a strong weekly finish.

Now to get moving and quit waiting for Monday!


Createology said...

Oh how I have missed your wonderful true life posts! You are my mentor!! So good to be home...

Jo Ferguson said...

Thanks for the insight and inspiration. I'm just getting back to things and "focus" will have to be my mantra if I want to get anything done.