Monday, March 16, 2015

Setting up for spring

Friday is the first day of spring and we have had a wonderful taste of what is to come as the weather was one degree short of record breaking on Sunday.  Chilly again but whatever comes next will only be a brief delay as the snow is just about gone.

So my thoughts have turned to spring cleaning and decorating.  I have finally embraced the idea that it isn't just the end of a long winter that gets me all excited.  I just really like the fresh and simple look that comes to mind when I think of spring.  I'm a thinking I'll be dragging that look through all my seasonal decorating in some way, shape or form.

Seth, over at The Altered Page, has been hosting a series of links on Living with Art.  I feel real strongly about having my/our home reflect who we are and how we live. My quilts are fairly evident but not my mixed media projects.

 So why is my 'art' stuck away in closets and far away bookcase shelves. ???  I am thinking it is time to put it out there.  :O

I'm feeling the urge to slap some house paint onto some needy;  well, and some not so needy pieces of furniture.  I've been doing some serious study on colour and thinking about how to get my two rather distinct decorating personalities to play together nicely.  I really appreciate Maria, from Colour Me Happy.  She has helped me understand why I haven't been getting the results I've been wanting.  As she says, white is complicated!!!  I also had a real aha! moment rereading Lynette Jennings No Compromise Decorating and the earlier, Straight Talk on Decorating.  It is all about understanding what needs to showcase the stuff I luv as I move through the seasons of a year.  Hopefully I can have some good stuff to show come March 20th.  ;^)  Ready, setty, SPRING!


Margaret said...

Thanks for the link! I think I'm going to post it on SAQA WC!

Createology said...

I used to watch Lynette Jennings and wondered where she disappeared to. White is complicated? I do not know this. I do know the BLISS of enjoying my stuff and not having it packed away. Spring Delights Dear...