Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Party Mix

Party time for the Common Threads gals.  Nothing done but lots of talking and show and tell.

I should have taken the fabric my daughter brought me back.  This is not quilt fabric but I do want to make a crazy, blingy, throw for the winter theme in my bedroom and pillows are what makes any room look ready for a photo party.

Many are still working on the spiral table runners.

This had been brought back from the Maritimes a few years ago. Apparently an elderly lady embroidered the blocks which depict images from Newfoundland. The work is lovely and detailed.  The sampler is sashed with the provincial tartan.  There is a very low loft batt and minimal quilting but I found it very charming in its simplicity.  Might be a good thing to remember during this holiday season.

The little town I live near is celebrating their centennial this coming year and our group is encouraging the making of little quiltlets, 12 inches square and bound in black binding.  The idea is to display these and showcase familiar scenes or memories.

Somehow quilting and quilters is where my memories want to party!

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