Saturday, October 30, 2010

These boots are made for walking!

Friday was my sewing club day in the big city and I had 'boots' on my list. So I whipped into this store I have found and they have seriously cute footwear, purses, socks, etc.

I studied my options and then tried one pair for fun to see how I'd like high as in high heels and high calves. oooooh! I never tried another. These felt SO good. Then I grabbed up a purse that was close at hand. I drag around a tote with my wallet in it. This felt even better. I paid the $$$ and in my cramped little car I changed foot wear and bags and set out with a new stride. Amazing what some new decisions will do for you! lol

I strode right into a new store for me, pier 1 imports. Nice! But I'd already been impulsive with the boots and purse so I held it down to only a couple of cute things. These are measuring cups. Then I beat a hasty retreat to class and then home.

A total surprise to wake up to the white stuff. Likely this will disappear but it is definitely the wake up call. Time to find the few forgotten things and get them put away. Then time to step out with my new intentions.


Lesly said...

Those are great-looking boots! I need a new pair myself this year. I also love those measuring cups - are they ever cute! But I'm not so keen on that last picture. Boo to winter and snow!

Createology said...

I love your new boots and bag. Very nice selection. It is good to treat yourself!

Vicki W said...

Snow! how exciting! Probably not for you, but it would be for me.

BaileyGirl5 said...

I love the first snowy day!!