Friday, October 8, 2010

The week in review

Pant, pant.

What goes around, comes around. My mum used to drive me and the four kiddies to our pediatrician visits in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. I think she was happy to do it. I never asked. oops Then we'd divide them into 2 shopping carts and we'd tour the isles of Zellers. It was an all day thing. Today I get to take my daughter and her 2 kids. What goes around... lol It smacks you on the head as the door returns. Happy to do it!

But so far this week:

Monday was Common Threads quilt night and we were sewing. I started, yup, another project. I thought this could be my project for Monday nights. It is a 9 patch but now I'm wondering how I'll be setting them once they are made.
Then the weekly thrift shop finds. I collect white dishes, especially plates, pitchers and tureens. I try to collect pink depression glass and that is much harder to find. But it now seems I'm collecting house teapots and cookie jars!
Then yesterday I tackled the chokecherries and currants behind the house. That is a serious mess. I'll evaluate in spring and think about some kind of ground cover to keep the grass and weeds down. I do luv looking out my window and spying on the birds that chillax in the branches and even hop onto the window sill. Right now I have woodpeckers knocking on the wall by the window. He actually did a double take before he flew away when I looked out at him. LOL
And that is this week's happenings.


True Blue Nana said...

Isn't it interesting how many things we do like our mothers did even if we resist? I like the project you started. My aunt is really into 9 patches these days.

KatieQ said...

I love your pink depression glass sherbet dish. I agree that it is getting hard to find pink. I collect depression glass and have what appears to be the same dish in green. I have a grouping of them on a shelf in my kitchen now. I'll have to take a photo to post so I can show mine off.