Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I've been thinking, AGAIN.

Grey skies, stumbles on life's paths, and the yearly calendar at an halfway point...

This makes me reflective.

Clean slates, blank pages can be paralyzing.

Award winners can be intimidating.

"And just what have YOU accomplished today???", can be demoralizing.

Friends are helpers and encouragers along the way.

A blank canvas in real life is a rarity. Often we have something that must be incorporated in whatever we are endeavouring to do so begin, with a spot, a line, a border, an idea, a constraint, a challenge, a tear. Even the calendar isn't blank, there are numbers, a grid, a name.

The great masterpieces showcase a finished work. They do not show the process, the revisions, the serendipitous 'mistakes', nor the frustrations in bringing the vision to fruition. Comparisons are a deadly game to play. It is better to look at examples of fine work in alternative expressions of art. As a quilter I could benefit from looking at books on photography.

A day filled with satisfying accomplishments does not always involve major strokes through a long list of must-do's. Lunch with a friend does not show the early laundry, the prep for supper, the replaced button, the survey call, the wandering sheep, the phone chat with a 1 year old , the aha moment for the current creative puzzle, etc., etc., etc.

I have learned a lot since I began blogging and reading blogs. I'm thankful for this community.

It is a matter of honesty in one's heart. Have you honestly done well today?


Createology said...

Hi Elle: This is a wonderful post with lots of true words and thoughts. You are so correct on your assessment of a day in the life. I totally agree on this wonderful blog community of so much I have learned. I also realize what I enjoy and what/who I don't need to use my time on. May you have a glorious day and I am hoping to share my sunshine with you as we finally have Summer...

True Blue Nana said...

I was thinking when I read the title of this entry that thinking could be dangerous! I love your thoughts in this post. No we don't often start with a blank slate and maybe our standards are too high when we evaluate our accomplishments. Sitting with a grandchild is to be treasured, also reconnecting with a friend and of course sewing a couple of pieces of fabric together. Thanks so much for being a thoughtful blogging friend!