Monday, June 27, 2011

Long time

We have past the summer solstice. The longest day is behind us. The next calender flip shows the centre fold and the staples. The days are going to be shorter and probably go faster.

Time to get those notations on the to-do list crossed off. My rooster and I had a little talk about the job list and the labour supply which is this ol' chick and a very busy rooster. We're making some changes. pant, pant!

A long day on the riding and the push mower and I think I cut everything that need doing. I even got down the woodland path. It was a ton of work to make it but it has lots of poison ivy and the undergrowth is getting quite lush. I guess as long as I can make it through with the mower I'll keep it open.

We'll invite a scrap dealer to come so we can clean up a couple of messy spots in the actual farm yard.

My peonies had very long stems this year and the wind/rain again got them which is why my favorites are the single petaled flowers rather than the big heavy doubles. I can only fill so many vases! lol

The hostas particularly like the cooler, wetter weather. I added several more this year. The secret to less weeds is more plants. LOL I think we now have all the chickens contained so I'll lay down yet another path of flax mulch for the faeries and frogs to romp down!

The next job is to get my hoe sharpened and work my way through my long borders and the shade garden.

The bark chips did not work in this island and I also have lots of poplar tree shoots coming up. So to go with the flow, I have accepted an offering of 6' long ostrich ferns which will fill in this long island of space. The shorter native ferns I planted along the bush aren't real visible so maybe these will work better. The older poplars are actually in decline so I'm happy to see the new growth. I luv the light bark and the sound of the trembling leaves.

At the end of this long island is the grape fence that shields That Faerie Place from view. I never get any grapes and the crazy vine wants to climb UP and into the poplar trees. It is very long as well. But that is a problem for next year. I haven't gone into the whole plan with the rooster but he has at least heard the word pergola and I'll slowly enlighten him. ;^)

It was also a long night. Our second dog takes the night shift. His Great Pyrenees genes make him the guard dog. He absolutely hates skunks. He is actually pretty good at eradicating them as the rooster often finds their remains about the farm where they made their last stand. Last night's battle left Manny with a farewell present. The air coming through the bedroom window told the tale. He (and the grand kiddies) like to be in the raised bed along the house wall. This morning, after a long night shift, he decided to sleep under the open basement window. YUCK!

But the rooster has agreed to doing more raised beds. The main garden has been so disappointing these last wet years so he has been using my 'herb' garden for the favorite stuff. We'll build, oops, he'll build, more raised beds around these. And really we don't need ALL that garden space anymore. I'm all for getting the grass area reduced and this will actually be handier.

Okay, summer sun. Shine!


Createology said...

Hi Elle: I love seeing all your greenery. Lovely space to play in I say. You certainly did a lot of mowing. You had me laughing at pergola and your Rooster. Mr. C and I just replanted some hostas that the deer consume. We put them in the back that is now fenced. Hooray! Poochie looks very comfortable in his raised bed. :o) Happy week to you dear...

Vicki W said...

Wow, that's a lot to keep up! It seems clear from second dog's expression that he was expecting a bit more praise for his hard work! lol!