Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Little Jobs Big Jobs

There are always things to do but where we live here in central Canada the weather which is normally hot and sunny for most of the summer has begun a wet, rainy, cloudy trend. So when we have weather that is conducive to yard work we drop everything to take advantage of it.

As you can see from the grass under the bigger tractor, the grass likes cold and wet!

After the grandson went back home and was safely out of the way we tackled the ash tree by the house. One part had split off during a wind storm 2 years ago and fell across the walk. The tree was a single trunk when planted but another trunk grew and when we took away the downed one the other was fine. You'd never have know of the other. But now it was banging on the roof! And the wind has been very fierce lately.

My rooster works safely. The problem is that he is a farmer not a wood chopper. So to make sure it would go where we wanted he used the tractor, on a long rope, to apply some 'coaxing' for where we wanted it. He thought he'd hooked it okay but he does have one front wheel in my flower bed. Why am I NOT surprised!!! ;^)

Not ideal but it was okay. Not on us, the house nor the hydro line! The flower bed? Well, it's not a heavy wheel!

What a lot of greenery! I was going to haul limbs away with my lawn tractor and wagon and my dearie offered his big toys. He said it was a 3 hour job and we only went over by 30 minutes. That was probably when I had to gather myself from the ground where I was sprawled because I'd made a fast short cut under the willow and schmucked my forehead into the tree! For heaven's sake!!!

A lot of my plantings at the corner of the house were plants for shade. I'm sure they are quite worried. I need to think about their dilemma. Mind you, it has been mostly grey and overcast so they should just chillax. I need to finish up some trimming.

So I have a Rooster job done. I have a trip to the nursery planned. I also had about an hour of sun this morning and we are back to grey. Do I hear sighs from the hostas, foxgloves and Solomon's Seals???

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Createology said...

My Goodness...you do have an awful lot to take care of. I too spent 3 hours on my hands and knees this afternoon pulling weeds. We actually had a wonderful day of sunshine. I see an umbrella in the spot of the old ash tree for your shade plants. Much easier to take care of than a real tree. Your home and land look wonderful. Mr. C replaced house screens for us today. It was a great day for getting things done. Hope your head feels better...