Friday, June 10, 2011

Living Green

Yikes, we had frost yesterday morning. How's a girl to get a tan?

But I needed to spend a day puttering with all things green, (and not grass).

I've never had so much bad news in such a short time that I can really appreciate the planting and tweaking that comes from some garden work.

The poor shade loving plants were in need of some shelter so I'd bought a few tall plants. I planted 3 hollyhocks which I've had before but they have almost died out as their corner has gotten wetter and wetter. But look at the height on those peonys. whoa

I have an affection for light, feathery, branching small trees so I decided I need a tall shrub that has the lacy effect. I'd like a multi-stemmed Amur maple so I hope this sprouts from the base a bit. You can see it to the left of the tall stake. It'll only grow about 20' and shouldn't pose any threat to the house but I really want the house to kinda sink into the landscape rather than sit up and wave at all the passersby!

I have one ivory dogwood and if I got 2 more then they would add the lightness that I desire in this pink and yellow themed bed surrounding the front south east side of the house. The stakes with the pots on top are where I'd put them and then a nice hardy rose beside the old tree stump. But definitely a fragrant one! I'm learning to smell the roses!!!

Edit: I am getting many multiples of uploaded photos and then great spaces in my blog lately. Sorry. I do try to 'fix' them and sometimes I can and sometimes I can't.

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Dandelion and Daisy said...

These blog programs seem to have a mind of their own, so we do what we can! Your yard is looking great inspite of the crazy weather.