Monday, September 19, 2011

Better than a B +

Not quite an A+ but I'm dealing with the B's!

BOOKS- The editing and cleaning of the playroom left a pile of books on the floor which lead to this fine mess. I decided to deal with all my books. Well, the ones necessary for my hobbies. ;^)

It makes me cringe when I see the price tags on these 'just had to have books'! Now some I've used, some I've referenced and some I've even gone through a couple of times. But I've also moved on. I've better defined what I like best. Tiny bits of layered applique which I can do and is nice is just not my style. I prefer a simpler look. Folk Art and Country has to make way for moderne! This hall closet is not too accessible so I'll give the garment making books and fabric one more year reprieve. I didn't dare take the time to refold, pat and generally get side tracked by the fashion fabric! My mum's old Elna is a nostalgic keepsake and a few other bits of memorabilia will hide out till the next purge!

The closet is inaccessible because I usually have my design wall flannel draped over it.

I sorted the unwanted books according to where they'll be going. Some to my Common Threads Quilt group which begins again for another year tonight. Some will go tomorrow to the local second hand shop where I've been helping out. Some will go to the Mennonite thrift store in the little city where I visit my kids on Fridays. I'm kinda embarrassed to dump it all in one place. LOL
Then I dispersed the 'can't bare to part with' books to appropriate parts of the play room.

I'm hoping that the remnant will be easier to remember and find for quick use.

The sewing machine cabinet/wash stand was cut down level with the cutting table. Its lower than I like for general piecing but I know it needs to be level with the larger surface for machine quilting. I put books that I'll need for quick reference to some specific sewing machine techniques behind the sliding doors.

The books weren't in the plan but I am quite tired of half done jobs. The room isn't an A+ because I still have a few piles on the floor and the small ironing station is overflowing. But the hall closet purge gives me a lighter heart because I have never had it so empty before. That good feeling will make me reduce the last few piles of clutter.

I did do the other closet which holds my roll of batting and the quilt tops that are awaiting finishing. I was so surprised to straighten them out and count the number remaining. The end is in sight! B++

I'd hoped to get to the Basement which is another area that is always amassing clutter but it'll have to wait for another day. B for bad! :(

I'm also really hoping to bee quiet at the meeting tonight because I can't afford another whole bunch of little projects. vbsigh

But now is not the time to settle for only a B. After all...

Good, better, best.

Never let them rest.

Till the good is better,

And the better is Best!

EDIT: I shoulda refolded the fashion fabric now that I see the photos! B-


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I give you an A for effort and LOTS of it. So much work goes into purging. Very, very impressive. And I like the way you chose to divy the books up. Gives lots of people a chance at the spoils. Ad I agree that the cost of any craft book is pricy, even when you get them on sale. That's why I'm lucky enough to get some magazines from my art friend after she removes the the articles she wants to keep.

BTW, if you try my technique from yesterday’s post, you must use a microwave if you want the bubbly textural look. It’s the moisture and vibrating heat from the microwave that make the final look. Drying the sheets will make them lovely, but they won’t have the bubble effect you get when you put two pieces together and heat them in the microwave. It has something to do with the way the microwave bubbles the wet paper/fabric.

Createology said...

Elle you definitely get an A+ for sticking with all of this and completing your project of complete overhaul! Nice that you are sharing your books with so many who will be thrilled to have them. I might need to put this on my winter list to pare down and purge books. *_*
Your studio is looking marvelous.

Gina said...

Your Bee work is certainly an Aaa inspiration to those of us who are now working at a Dee level in our studios! (I for one need to do another overhaul in my studios although they aren't too bad considering I haven't been in them for weeks!)