Wednesday, September 28, 2011

small wow

Yesterday I spent the morning at the local thrift shop. A bag of knitting and crocheting material yielded some treasures. I brought home some cotton crochet thread and the heavier cotton perle. I'm thinking couching! I found 3 fat quarters as well.

But perhaps I should keep my mind on today's agenda which is painting outside while the great weather holds.

I had a senior moment yesterday afternoon. First I forgot my camera. Then while I was at the playground with the grandkids I decided to join them in their play. I loved swinging as a youngster. Could I still get to see over the cross bar? Awk? What is that funny feeling in my tummy? Slides now have bumps and dips that produce a similar feeling. :( Then my monkey girl wanted to twirl. OH, stay on your feet, Gram'elle!!!

Good thing my Nina has her feet firmly on her sewing table. I'll be making dips through a field of smooth cotton. And we can twirl with the best of them without getting dizzy!

Happy WIP Wednesday


Sheila said...

You really scored at the thrift shop , good for you , it will be fun to see what you do with all that cotton .

Createology said...

I love this post. Your storytelling is so great that I actually have the perfect visuals. The playground is priceless! I would be right there with you swinging and carrying on...afterall I am only 9 years old this year! Terrific Thursday dear...

My Sweet Prairie said...

'Had a senior moment' lol. That is awesome! I am in my forties and feel sick trying to see over that bar. Yikes:)
Thanks for linking!

Dolores said...

I could never twirl; makes me 'car sick.' However, I loved the swings - never saw over the top though. As for the crochet cottons, great finds but I could never crochet with such fine threads. It would take too long to accomplish anything. Couching is a good idea though.