Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WOW new tools

One work surface has been cleaned off, decluttered and is almost ready for being crossed off as done.

I watched carefully as my DH raised the board on the back wall to hold tools. After 'conquering' the BIG sander I figure a drill should be easy. So I did some 'tweaking' this morning.

I mounted an IKEA bar to hold things. I thought of painting it white but I have a few things that are black. I do need serene but not sleepy. The splash of black adds some GO to my white, aqua, lime green palette.

I was thinking I'd not have time for some more of the zentangle look but I really wanted to see how the white thread would stitch out on black. The lint is a problem but I think this will work. I used Mettler silk finish 50 wt. top and bottom just because it was readily at hand.

I did try some Pearl Crown Rayon through the #39 Brenina foot.

I have run out of bobbin thread and my 'real' work table is hidden under lots of stuff so it is time to get back to cleaning. One thing I am noticing is that not working at my usual rushed and "I'm late, I'm LATE..." pace certainly has some benefits as I contemplate where I want to go and how to find the best way to get there. That is an important work in itself!


Createology said...

I really cannot keep up with all you are getting done. Your space is fantastic and looks like you will be ready for serious creating come winter when the days are dark and too wet for outside work. The touch of black does look really good with your color pallet. Great job my dear...

What Comes Next? said...

your work space looks great! I like the colours and the touch of black is just perfect. I love the idea of zentangles, but haven't tackled it too well yet! I need to get a way for the "I'm late" mentality.