Friday, September 16, 2011

Both sides against the middle

The Rooster sawed off the top shelf and with Ds's help we got it up! I'm definitely not going to be putting the thread all back where I had it as I wouldn't reach it. My guys were saying it wouldn't fit and they know all about my math skills. LOL But it did come from there! I was just a tad alarmed at how high it actually went. ;^)

Now I need to figure where to put my books. I have edited my books once already. I reduced by half. These on the floor, with no place to go, amount to about a quarter of my hobby books. I shall be doing some more editing. I think I'll only keep technique books. I'm past pretty pictures, I think.

So with the sides relatively done, I face the middle. The sewing chest, which my old timer Rooster says is a wash stand, needs to come down about 3 inches to make my sewing machine's work surface level with the cutting table.

I do luv the benefit of viewing the pictures once they are uploaded. See that far left corner. The sloped wall. It isn't right.

Better, but I need something bigger, squarer! I shall consider my options as I deal with the middle.

What if I got a fancy frame, painted it white and made it into a chalk board???

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Createology said...

Keep up the good work as you are really coming down to the home stretch. Most of my books are in the upstairs library since I ran out of room in the studio. If I need them I can certainly get them. Happy weekend to you...