Friday, September 9, 2011

Phooling around!

The 3 Creative Studios Technique of the Month is fascinating. What I know about photos and what you can do with them is infinitesimal. But I'd like to know.

So I am 'phooling' around with my sketch book, my scanner/printer, and my camera. Now that I've had a quick taste which has also included some lip chewing, LOL, I will go back and reread the instructions better and give this a better try. Very Fascinating. This was some stamping on paper that I scanned and then printed. The fabric and freezer paper caught a bit but it sure looks like it can be done.

I drew sketches of shapes. This one was with a Sharpie.

I scanned it into the 'puter.

I used the editing section to colour one block and that isn't as easy as it looks.

I used a photo layout to get this grid. Then I printed it out on white fabric that I backed with freezer paper.
There is ALL kinds of room for improvement but this sure opens up an whole new world of 'what if's..'!


Terri Stegmiller said...

Love the shape and colors you added to it. Hope to see more of this play from you.

Margaret Applin said...

fantastic!!!! I am dying to see more!!!! Thank you for trying the techniques.

Createology said...

Great progress. Your colored drawings are fun printed on fabric and do open an entire new horizon of possibilities. Keep Phooling...

Dandelion and Daisy said...

I love to play around and discover new techniques! Your fabric printing has amazing possibilities........have fun with that.