Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Finding Myself!

Here is the way I see it!

I am a Mystic.  No surprise it is the baseline of who I am.  It will certainly influence what I do but I am an introvert and this is a private part of me.  It'll be a silent partner.  But one who dances in the spirit!

Again, no surprise; I am a Storyteller which also partnered with Scribe and Writer. The big three! This likely explains why I am more inclined to research and write about my plans than do them.  lol  I stride along, reporting what I find that is interesting.

I am a Student which is why I am such a technique junky.  Again, blogger fodder.  I hardly have time to attend sock hops!

I am an Eternal Child.  This is no surprise to those who know me well.  I learned I was an 'otter' some years ago and what shocked me was that I was just about 95% instead of my usual scores for surveys which are average, 50 percenters.  This just makes me jump for joy!

And I am an Hermit.  An happy hermit, I might add.  Of course, this means I have lots of time to write and blog. oh, and play!  So I'm not likely to be seen out and about too very much!

 I just feel the stress ooze out of me when I learn I am an Artist only as a secondary trait.  I am a Creative!!!   I have no passion/drive to be a big artist.  I will be happy to write about my creativity instead.

It is interesting to me that I am a Teacher only as a secondary impetuous.  Learning is more important to me but I will absolutely share what I learn.  I did some 'real' teaching and can see now that teaching is a tad stressful for the Hermit!  :O  Now teaching the grand kiddies is really just playing school and hardly seems to count.   I really learn as much as they!

The big surprise to me was that another secondary trait is Engineer.  ???  But I do like to be a creative problem solver in many areas and I do like systems in place so things flow smoothly.

I had the Rooster take the quiz with me and we are in basic agreement.   Bless his heart, he thinks I'm a capital A artist.  He also thinks I'm a Princess!  Okay, I'll grant you that I'm spoiled!  ;^)  Nice to know we are of like mind.

All in all, I am happy that the book has validated where I am wanting to head in my creative journey.  It was worth the price of the book to finally own up to my passion, writing.  I am not sure what has made me resist acknowledging  writing/storytelling but ...

The book also helps use the archetypical information to inform your mixed media style.  So that will be an interesting process as well.  I do intend to let my little light shine and to tell about it!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I like how this is progressing, and learning even more about you. Of course, some of the things I already knew, like you being a technique junkie and one not afraid to try new projects and products.

Nita said...

Interesting. I think we are very similar, though I am much lazier than you, lol. You are always so busy! :)

Createology said...

How divine to focus in on just what your special traits are and they fit you so well. I love your canvas art pieces. The colors and textures are serene. You my dear are going to be fabulous...just like now...only even better! XO

Frances Arnold said...

Very exciting to learn more about who you are. Cant wait to see what you do with your journal!!!!

Jo Vandermey said...

Fascinating journey..... Thanks for sharing.