Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Janus, is the door still open???

Janus- In his role as the Guardian of Exits and Entrances, Janus was also believed to represent beginnings. The explanation for this belief being that one must emerge through a door or gate in order to enter into a new place. Therefore, the Romans also considered Janus as the God of Beginnings and his name was an obvious choice for the first month of their year...a month referred to by the Ancient Romans as Ianuarius, which is not so far removed from the modern-day "January," taken from the Etruscan word jauna which means "door." Originally, however, Janus was honored on the first day of every month, in addition to being worshipped at the beginning of planting season and again at the harvest. Deference was also paid to him at the most important beginnings in the life of an individual...such as birth and marriage.

What a busy month.  We have been house hunting.   The idea of an empty basement has me wildly excited!  No!  We haven't even got to the offer part so this is is just wild speculation on my part.  The Rooster is more interested in pantry space.  lol

We also have a house guest.  So my skills at hand work haven't moved along much but my card holding has improved as has my game playing skills.   My mark making pens and my thread and needle have not had much chance to play.  Nice to have a 20 year old young fella bump us out of our rut.  But we were telling him there is one thing lacking since he arrived.  Sleep!!!  lol

 I joined a style challenge that had me delving in the depths of my closet and sharpened my previously non existent selfie skills.   This is my relaxing Sunday afternoon outfit.  I am not comfortable with wearing leggings in public.  But so nice at home!  Trying to look good sure takes lots of time.  I had to stop to shop for a couple of basics including this top.  :O
 The room I had picked to begin the whole house 'touch up and call it done'  project was the art room.  This is the final run through for our 'ready to move' purge.

I hadn't expected to do much but the seasonal sort of all the smaller bits for scrapbooking/planners turned out to be relatively easy and quick.   There isn't  a lot of room to do much but tidy and easy access is always good!  ;^)

Last page for the January set of planner pages.  I can't quite comprehend how the time has flown.
But I did notice that Janus is also available for the beginning of each new month.  phew!  I can start again with all my good intentions! 


Createology said...

You look fabulous in your leggings and new top. I love wearing leggings and I do wear mine in public. You will want to also...there are NO fashion police. Be Proud Dear. Good on you for purging and preparing for your moving. I should still be purging for our eventual move. California is getting even crazier in its politics.

Beth said...

I agree. You look wonderful. I wear yoga pants and I'm 68. Very comfy. How exciting about a new house too. I hope we get to hear more about the new lace once you find it. Best of success on your "hunt".

Beth said...

I meant to say PLACE not lace. My finger must have hicupped

Jo Vandermey said...

Love the progress and your positive attitude! And I will weigh in that the legging look , looks good on you!

Frances Arnold said...

Seems to me that you have had a fruitful January and I am sure that February will be just as creative!!!